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Inspiring Illustrations by Yeaaah! Studio

Inspiring Illustrations by Yeaaah! Studio

April 08, 2014 from abduzeedo's blog

If there's something I really regret was not have practice my drawing skills that much. That hurts even more when I see some work like the projects Bukowski, Bear, Dawn Of The Maya and Black Bones Club by Yeaaah! Studio. The level of...
Interview with Glennz

Interview with Glennz

November 11, 2013 from marcos333's blog

Anyone into t-shirt culture already saw or have a Glennz t-shirt, probably because he's a legend on this niche, a truly godfather of the tee design. Over the last decade, Glenn made a huge following with his comic, sarcastic and funny...
New TV Series T-Shirts on Funkrush + Giveaway

New TV Series T-Shirts on Funkrush + Giveaway

September 30, 2013 from AoiroStudio's blog

A few months back, we've featured a stunning set of TV Show Posters exclusively from Funkrush and they are back with a new tv series on t-shirts! This time, they are showcasing TV shows like Breaking Bad, Walking Dead and Game of Thrones...

Signalnoise T-shirts Available Now!

July 14, 2010 from abduzeedo's blog

James White, a great friend and one of our favorite digital artist out there, has just released his new venture, the Signalnoise T-shirts. James has been contributing and helping with Abduzeedo since the very beginning and we are more than...

Beautiful and Funny Illustrations by Tokyo Go Go

June 22, 2010 from aloa's blog

Greg Darroll is a digital artist, graphic designer and illustrator from Durban, South Africa. A friend showed me some of his works just the other day and it is impressive how beautiful designs can make your especially when we see nice...

Threadless Bestee of the Year - Giveaway Winner

February 23, 2010 from abduzeedo's blog

Every month a design is voted as the Bestee of the Month at Threadless. At the end of the year the Threadless community votes on the Bestee of the Year. The winning designer gets the prize of $20,000, Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium...

Super Cool 80's T-Shirt Designs

August 17, 2009 from amanda's blog

Abduzeedo is moved by 80's inspiration. We've seen many cool designs lately... also, there's the music, there are the movies (Tron!! Awesome), and we couldn't just forget tees featuring 80's themes. These are really fun, and just remind us...

Unbelievable Illustrations for T-Shirt Designs

May 13, 2009 from abduzeedo's blog

Now that Abductees is on I will be posting the best of t-shirt designs on the daily bases and to start thing up here is a selection of some sick illustrations that turned into unbelievable t-shirt designs, you will find a bit of every...

Super Cool Black T-Shirt Designs

March 12, 2009 from paul0v2's blog

Black is one of my favorite colors, and one thing I really like is to rock a black t-shirt with some cool design. I went around some big t-shirt sites and found some really cool designs, I would definitely wear them all.

Awesome Typo T-shirt Designs

February 19, 2009 from paul0v2's blog

This is an awesome selection of typography that you can wear, sounds weird but it's true, very cool typo t-shirt designs that makes you want to get them, it's good to see how creative and interacting these designs are, enjoy!

Interview with Awesome Illustrator Draco + Free T-shirt Templates

January 28, 2009 from abduzeedo's blog

Get to know more about Draco, a fantastic illustrator and one of the best t-shirt design artists out there with designs being printed by the most famous online t-shirt websites Draco brings a Brazilian flavor into people's closet. Besides...

Abduzeedo's 2nd Anniversary - T-Shirt Contest Result, Giveaway and…

December 19, 2008 from abduzeedo's blog

On December 19th of 2006 I posted my very first article here, on what I would now call a website rather than just a blog. The whole idea behind Abduzeedo was that it would be my personal blog, where I could share some of my design...