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Create a Badass Gas Mask in Illustrator

July 25, 2011 from marcos333's blog

Hi everyone, it's been a while since I dropped my last illustrator tutorial and so I decided to teach a really classy lesson this time. I've been a huge fan of vector art ever since I started working as an art director then as an...

Amazing Vector Illustrations by Konstantin Shalev

May 17, 2011 from PauloGabriel's blog

I won't call it a series, but I definitely enjoy posting vectors every week. There are tons of great illustrators out that yet to be showcased here, so let's keep walking. The man of the round is Konstantin Shalev.

Beautiful Vector Illustrations by Julien Renault

May 11, 2011 from PauloGabriel's blog

I got vector fever. I can't get enough of it lately! I was looking for some cool vectors to post here for you guys to see and found these stylish illustrations that are simply beautiful.

Breathtaking Vector Art by Jessica Finson

May 04, 2011 from PauloGabriel's blog

There are some works that we often get to see all over the internet, in various sites, for various reasons and purposes. I remember seeing the work of Jessica Finson in tons of sites for the past 4 or 5 years, but never got to know the...

Free Graffiti Vector Pack

March 05, 2011 from marcos333's blog

Hey guys, for this month I did a Graffiti inspired pack. Basically it's a couple of vector icons and ABDZ in graffiti letters (thinking hard about developing a special font like this). So, tell me what you think about it, please download...

Colorful Vector Illustrations by Fernando Togni

March 01, 2011 from marcos333's blog

Is really interesting how simple shapes can tell many stories, definitely Fernando Togni is one this illustrators that can make the simple look really complex. Using basically Adobe Illustrator, he creates some awesome psychodelic...

Free Summer Vector Pack

February 11, 2011 from marcos333's blog

Hey guys, since I've started blogging on Abduzeedo I thought I should share with you some cool freebies. So since it's summer here in Brazil I made a pack with some figures related to this season, use it as you wish :) Download the files...

Create a Top Gun Badge on Illustrator

February 07, 2011 from marcos333's blog

Some weeks ago, while watching the Montreal Meets I remember that Fábio and James talked about watching Top Gun. Some of you may not know, but Top Gun is a 80's classic, I was even born when it came in to the cinemas, but I watched later...

Beautiful Illustrations by Simon Fernandes

September 01, 2010 from abduzeedo's blog

Simon Fernandes is an art director, designer and illustrator from Sao Paulo, Brazil with a really cool style, his portfolio has illustrations with different styles, from the very clean vectors of the Agua Viva artwork to the sort of retro...

Vexel Art Inspiration by ChewedKandi

August 31, 2010 from abduzeedo's blog

ChewedKandi is the name of artist/designer Sharon Milne. She lives in the North East of England and has a passion for vector art. Sharon has been interviewed and featured on a variety of websites. She has recently began writing tutorials...

Simple Roy Lichtenstein Style in Illustrator and Photoshop

August 23, 2010 from abduzeedo's blog

I have been playing with the Halftone filter in Photoshop for the past few weeks and trying different things we can do with it. I also discover the Width Tool in Illustrator CS 5 and it was a great surprise because now we have much more...

Stunning Illustrations by Cris Vector

August 05, 2010 from paul0v2's blog

Cristiano Siqueira aka Cris Vector is one of the finest digital illustrators from Brazil, he has worked with clients from all over the globe, striking everyone with stunning illustrations. Here you can check out some of his latest work...

Beautiful Vector Illustration in Illustrator and Photoshop by Carol…

July 25, 2010 from guest's blog

Hey guys! For this tutorial/making of I created a fun illustration for my sister Stella's blog. In her blog she writes about funny daily situations and I thought that it would be nice to develop an illustration that expressed that somehow...

Beautiful Vector Illustrations by Jan Feliks Kallwejt

June 10, 2010 from abduzeedo's blog

Jan Feliks Kallwejt is freelance graphic designer and illustrator currently based in Barcelona and Warsaw. He co-operates with clients from Europe and North America. For six years he has worked with agencies in Warsaw and Hamburg...

Interview with Artist Jurryt Visser: Pixel vs. Vector Mixmaster

February 15, 2010 from Drew's blog

I introduced Jurryt a couple of weeks ago, and with his previous feature, he has proven himself truly worthy of an interview. Aiden Kolh, a writer, photographer, and painter, sat down with Jurryt for quite an intense and eye-opening...