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Free Design Resources: UI Kits, Mockups and More

Free Design Resources: UI Kits, Mockups and More

Freebies, freebies, freebiesss! Yes! We can't get enough of it. Most of us will just flip out when we see such good tasting freebies like these. Kudos for the people behind these for making available such great design for the masses. You make our life much more easier. :) I've made a selection of some of the greatest designs released lately. From UI Kits to Mockups, with a little taste of fonts and wallpapers. I really hope you find these useful! Also, if you know any more great freebies released lately, let us know! We'd love to know see more of these! Cheers. ;) UI Kits Music player Several elements Gravity UI Flat UI elements 280 UI Elements Mockups Business card / tablet mockups Hand drawn sketch mockup Art equipments scene generator Icons 54 Free e-commerce icons Fonts Sunn Backgrounds 7 polygon backgrounds

Desktopography 2014 Wallpaper Exhibition

Desktopography 2014 Wallpaper Exhibition

It's that time of the year again! Desktopography just released its 2014 collection with almost 100 wallpapers by some of the worlds most talented designers and illustrators. Grab yourself a new wallpaper or more than one. Share your digital world. Nature's Design on your Desktop We are showcasing only a sample of the 2014 collection, to view the entire exhibit and download some wallpapers. Visit By Jennifer Cirpici By Ivan Feusi By Radim Malinic By Anthony Gargasz By Carles Marsal By Adam Spizak By Nicolas Monin-Baroille By Edgar Romanovskis By Karim Fakhoury By Moe Pike Soe By Heiko Klug By Pete Harrison and Evade By Martin Grohs By Heiko Klug By Whendell Souza and Paulo Bert Links: Entire 2014 Collection: Follow Desktopography on Facebook:

Beautiful Macro Photography Wallpapers

Beautiful Macro Photography Wallpapers

Time for a sweet set of wallpapers for you to pimp your desktop. This time we've selected some super great, beautiful macro photography wallpapers for you! Check it out! Here you can see 10 options of images for you, each one has the option to various resolutions, including HD (1080p). So go ahead and download these bad boys. In the download page all you have to do is to choose the best fitting resolution to your needs. I hope you like these! PS.: And if you want to have a blast, Reddit user charlielou92 has shared his collection of 176 amazing wallpapers Cheers. ;)

Desktopography 2011 Exhibition

Desktopography is a wallpaper exhibition that is released once a year. Every year the exhibition is more striking with artists from all over the globe creating amazing pieces of art to be displayed on your desktop. This year is no different, the exhibition is completely amazing! Visit Desktopography and check out the facebook page Here are just a fews pieces of the 2011 exhibition, to view the entire collection and download some wallpapers go to Desktopography. Humanitys last hope By Adam Spizak Garden By Lionel Charpentier Silence By Hassan Loukal Antonio Bay By Ralf | Falcon White Desktopography 11 By José Paulo Heavens nectar By Mike Harrison The Siphon By Finnian MacManus Ecotype By Marcin Stryczek

90 Awesome iPhone Wallpapers from Poolga

If you're not already familiar with Poolga prepare to spend at least a half hour checking out the multitude of iPhone and iPad wallpapers that they feature from incredibly talented illustrators and designers. Poolga came to life in 2007 when we got our hands on the (then) revolutionary iPhone. Frustrated by the lack of credible digital wallpapers out there, we struck upon the idea of showcasing established and up-and-coming illustrators by distributing their work for use on mobile devices. Today, Poolga is one of the few online outlets flying the flag for good quality imagery – no cheesy landscapes, scantily clad babes or muscle cars here! Check out more and let me know what you think via twitter!

Beautiful Set of Black Wallpapers

Friday is here and as usual, we're bringing something to cheer you up a little bit, and I guess that a fresh new image hanging on your desktop helps to do just that. Here's a cool selection I've made from wallpapers I found around the web. These are really beautiful and I bet you all will love it. I chose one of these... the best in my rumble opinion. Which one will you choose? Enjoy! ;) And my choice. ;p

20 Beautiful Nature Wallpapers

It's been some time since we had a good wallpaper post. I was looking for a new wallpaper for my desktop and I found some amazingly beautiful images that just made me want to post a whole bunch of nature wallpapers. So I started to look just for nature images, and I found really great ones, worth sharing with you guys! To download these, you must first click the image... this will take you to the download site, where you'll choose your resolution. I hope you all enjoy my selection. Cheers! ;)

Infrared Wallpapers to Inspire You & Your Desktop

Last week I saw a pretty cool article showing 99 Brilliant Examples of Infrared Photography and I simply loved it!! I mean, I always liked infrared photos, but I have to say that it was a while back that I found a cool selection of them. And this kind of photography is great... beautiful, inspiring, a bit intriguing and amazingly colored. So based in all that and also because I wanted to get a infrared image for my desktop, I made this selection. I really hope you enjoy! And don't forget to visit the authors pages, they have further amazing images to share with you. :) And in case you have a nice infrared to share with us, the comments are open... From deviantART nxxos DarknessAndLight myINQI From From

25 Inspiring Holiday Wallpapers

Ok... we all know that is already Christmas week and that probably many people are already tired of reading about it, but I decided to took my chances anyways and put together this selection of inspiring holiday wallpapers to help giving your desktop a 'cheerful look'. Liking it or not, this is a special time of the year. It's time for us to think about what we accomplished this year and to take our time to think about what we want for the next one... Some people get sad around this time of the year, some get extremely happy, some remain the same and others simply don't care. So here, it really doesn't matter how do you feel about it... just take you time to appreciate the images, maybe we still have time to get a place into your desktop. ;) At this selection you will find colorful and cheerful designs, minimalist ones, funny ones... So let the colors and the spirit of Christmas get into you... and do your best to start this new year the best way you can! Merry Christmas and a Spectacular New Year for all of you. =) Oh, and don't forget to click at the images to visit the source of it, over there you will find the sizes you need. I hope you enjoy the selection and the words! deviantART by gosiekd by loleia by nowhereman2k3 by gamesandgigs by mikeystudios by teddybearcholla by purpleoctopussy by geesehoward by zsyrinx by hungry-vampire-f by digitalphenom flickr by Impact Visual by ocularinvasion Vladstudio TWS3D

Avatar Movie: Posters, Wallpapers and More

Ok, we are all waiting to see the Avatar Movie... and until December 18th there is not much for us to do besides wait and browse around for some new images, posters or any other detail about the movie. You may like this whole avatar deal or not, but you need to agree that this movie is a HUGE technological production! Being a fan that is counting the days to watch it, being a major nerd, being a curious to check out the effects and stuff or being a regular cinema lover, you all need to see the film, at least to have your own opinion about it. I have to say that first I din't like the idea that much, but after seeing all the trailers, details, production and effects around it I got really curious to check out the final result, so for sure on December 18th I will be in a theater somewhere to do it!! I think their whole idea of doing a character that is 'the mirror' of the actors performance is really cool cause this way the Avatar almost look real, at least to me they do. :) Well, enough talking... check out this selection I made to show you more about the movie while we are all waiting! Enjoy. "I had the idea of this movie back in 95, but at that time it turned out that it wasn't technically possible to do what I wanted to do. So I literally put the project in a drawer and forgot about it. About 4 years ago I got it out to find out if it was already possible to do it." James Cameron Wallpapers Photos "This is not an animated film, it is all captured performance." James Cameron Posters "Every tiny bit of the performance that you see on the screen was created by the actors. They had to run, they had to fight and jump, all the things that you see in the film, they were doing it physically, they were not doing just voice performance." James Cameron Video - Behind the Scenes Really cool video showing how they did some of the action and flight scenes. They also explain how they taped the actors facial interpretation to 'transmit' it to the avatar and several other details. MTV presents a Live Forum with James Cameron and the stars of Avatar on Facebook TODAY at 3pm EST/Noon PST, Josh Horwitz goes live with James Cameron and the stars of Avatar. The director and cast will share their experiences on the movie and answer questions from fans. Avatar Live: an MTV News Forum on Facebook Presented by LG

Super Cool Wallpapers by Pokedstudio

I was just browsing through the works of this awesome UK design studio called Pokedstudio when I came across their free wallpaper section and loved them so much I just had to share. They have a good range of styles from illustrated to 3D rendered to retro collage style. I hope you like them as much as I do. Pokedstudio Pokedstudio's Free Wallpaper Section