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Zee's redesign

After some weeks planning, designing and developing, the Zee's new website is online. Much more than simply a redesign, we have changed everything, mainly because we needed to use a good and scalable CMS and create a blog for the company. Zee's old site With all these requirements, Drupal became our only choice. Firstly because we've been using it for a while so it wouldn't take us too much time learning and developing for it, giving us more time to spend on the design matters. Our goal for the site was basically create a very simple interface using few images and put all of our efforts on typography, colors and CSS. Listed below some sites and blogs inspired us. We also followed some ideas we learned from some excellent podcasts such as the @media presentations: How to be a Creative Sponge, Diabolical Design: The Devil is in the Details, Five Simple Steps to Better Typography and Interface Design Juggling. Among all of those lessons, we were able to apply on this project the very useful Jason Santa Maria's tip of creating a sort of wireframe, but with the real content, where we could play with the typography elements without worrying about colors and images. With the site well structured we started applying some colors and testing different combinations. Wireframe and first color scheme Although our first idea was to use a light background, we chose to keep it dark. That decision is explained because we have always used dark backgrounds, and wouldn't be a wise move to change our identity so drastically. Visit the site at Final Version

Get in shape while improving your design skills

Nowadays we can have access to pretty much everything, and even for those like me, who don’t have the opportunity to attend to design events such as @media, sxsw, dconstrukt and others, we have the chance to listen to them via podcasts or using Odeo. The truth is, there are lots of excellent speeches to listen to. From how to get inspiration to the importance of microformats, we can learn a lot from them. And one of the best things in my opinion is that I can throw everything in my iPod and enjoy them while I’m exercising. That means, both my body and my brain can get a work out Listed here are some of the best speeches, interviews and podcasts that i've come across so far Jeremy Keith - The Joy of API d.Construct 2006 Jeffrey Veen - Designing the Complete User Experience d.Construct 2006 Daniel Burka {15}digg design CreativeXpert frog design }{ evolving your design CreativeXpert Design 101 web design podcast Writing an effective brief web design podcast Andy Clarke: ?The Fine Art Of Web Design? Podcast @media 2006 Dave Shea: ?Fine Typography On The Web? Podcast @media 2006 Eric Meyer: ?A Decade of Style? Podcast @media 2006 Jason Santa Maria - Diabolical Design: The Devil is in the Details @media 2007 Dan Cederholm - Interface Design Juggling @media 2007 Mark Boulton - Five Simple Steps to Better Typography @media 2007 Jon Hicks - How to be a Creative Sponge @media 2007 How to Be A Web Design Superhero Andy Budd, Andy Clarkesxsw 07 Design Workflows at Work: How Top Designers Work Their Magic Bryan Veloso, Jeff Croft, Veerle Pieters, Kelsey Rugersxsw 07

Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us

This is a really good video showing how the web 2.0 is changing communications and the ways we use the web The video was created by Michael Wesch and he describes it as "Web 2.0 in just under 5 minutes". Transcripts are available as well at