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Best of the Week #12

May 10, 2008 from abduzeedo's blog

Lots and lots of inspiration this week. A cool update is the Notes tool announced to Google Reader. But the greatest moment was yesterday, when we launched our first contest. Check it ou and join!! FRIDAY - 05/09 Abduzeedo Icon Group...

The Evolution of Internet

March 21, 2008 from abduzeedo's blog

Wakeuplater.com brings us as cool article about how the Internet has evolved in the past 10 years.

The Best of the Week #2

February 29, 2008 from abduzeedo's blog

The last week was full of cool things, John Hicks and the gorilla icon for Silverback, the new BBC beta site, and the very useful 10 Phrases Every Freelancer Should Kick-Out of Their Vocabulary article from Freelanceswitch are just three...

The Best of the Week #1

February 22, 2008 from abduzeedo's blog

Every week we get to visit hundreds of sites, many of them catch our attention: a cool image, works and portfolio that impress us, interesting news and also other miscellaneous stuff. So we've decided to set apart the best content and...

Issuu - Read the world. Publish the world.

February 07, 2008 from PauloGabriel's blog

Do you wish you could transform those boring .pdf files into cool web-based books or even to find some cool books to look at? Well, I've got just the right tool for you: Issuu. "Issuu is an online publishing service and a creative...

Testing sites in different browsers

June 27, 2007 from abduzeedo's blog

I've been working on several projects for the web lately and I have always had to test them in several browsers...

New Design

April 10, 2007 from abduzeedo's blog

Last night I finished the transition to the new version of my blog. It's been like 4 months since the first release, although I really liked the previous version, I had to make some adjustments in the design. When I designed the first...