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Semplice Review

Semplice: Designers' Best Kept Secret

As a designer, I did tried many themes in my career. And the downsize of many of them aren't giving you the freedom to "freely" design your own theme. I do know how to code but most of us designers don't. Well with Semplice, they are giving you something more than just an ordinary theme. Semplice is the first fully responsive case study portfolio system based on WordPress. Built by designers, for designers. What is Semplice, the MANIFESTO We help creative professionals to show their work in the best way possible. Our first product is Semplice, based on WordPress it gives you a powerful & flexible tool to create a portfolio that will stand out & doesn’t look like a standard template. You deserve something better than a standard template. We believe in the power of the WordPress community and we believe in open source. That’s why Semplice is completely self-hosted and you fully own the code & files. We know you need the freedom. Semplice is not a template but a powerful system. Semplice stands for pushing the boundaries, going the extramile and building with pride. Our main goal is to give you everything you need to achieve this. All Rights to All Rights to Semplice is more than just a tool. It’s a promise to make something better, to go the extra mile & tell the story of your work the way it should be. Semplice is building with pride. All Rights to All Rights to All Rights to All Rights to Semplice in action. (VIDEO) Our goal is to give you a tool that you can fully hack and customize, even if you don’t know how to code. Today we like to show you some of our favorite portfolios of designers who took Semplice even further, by adding a little bit of custom CSS or small tricks to make it stand out. Links More info about Semplice: Check out their showcase: Learn more about Tobias van Schneider:

Useful Articles for Wordpress Development

Useful Articles for Wordpress Development

Lately I've been up to my neck in a Wordpress personal project, developing a nice website environment to be proud about and I've ran into many issues along the way, from simple things like adding classes to the body tag to more complex ones like security issues and things like that. I thought it would be nice to share with you some of best articles I've found during this time. These are some of the most useful articles I've used and saved for future reference. Some of these are quite basic, other are super complex, but I find amazing how some developers are super awesome for sharing their knowledge with the community. I hope you find use for this, because these have definitely helped me at some point. Also, if you have your own Wordpress developing bookmarks, please, share it with us! The issues you have encountered and solved might be someone else's current problem. Cheers. ;) Developing WordPress Locally With MAMP "Local development refers to the process of building a website or Web application from the comfort of a virtual server, and not needing to be connected to the Internet in order to run PHP and MySQL or even to test a contact form. One of the most annoying parts of development, at least for me, is the constant cycle of edit, save, upload and refresh, which, depending on bandwidth and traffic, can turn a menial task into a nightmare. With application platforms such as WordPress, which require a server back end to work, you would normally be constrained to develop on a live server, with the headaches that go along with that. MAMP and its Windows counterpart, WAMP, are tools that allow you to locally develop applications that require a server on the back end." -Read the article at Smashing Magazine. How to Build A WordPress Theme From Scratch Part One "So you have WordPress installed and now you are ready to install a theme to give your blog/site the look you want.For most people, this involves using a theme that was purchased or using a free theme that they found on the Internet. But these don’t have to be the only two options you have to choose from. A developer with some skill in CSS and HTML can easily create their own WordPress themes to give their site the ability to provide a unique experience for their visitors. This tutorial will walk you through the steps of creating your own theme." -Read the article at Developer Drive. Wordpress Body Class 101: Tips and Tricks for Theme Designers "Through out our experience of using WordPress, we have found that often theme designers overthink a certain functionality. They are looking for crazy WordPress filters and hooks to accomplish a task when all they need is some simple CSS. WordPress by default generates a lot of CSS classes. One of these CSS classes area ia the body class styles. In this article, we will explain the WordPress body class 101 along with sharing some useful tips and tricks for beginning theme designers." -Read the article at WPBeginner. 10 Most Common WordPress Errors (With Solutions) "If you are a WordPress user who likes to get your hands dirty with the codes, or one who just loves installing plug-ins and changing themes, you’ll understand that encountering an error is an inevitable occurrence. WordPress users (like us) know how frustrating it is to stumble into an unexpected error and not be able to find a solution for it. Most WordPress problems are solvable; If you hit an error, don’t fret because chances are, some other WordPress user had the same problem and had already gotten it solved." -Read the article at Hongkiat. 55+ Most Wanted WordPress Tips, Tricks, and Hacks "There are times when you come across a feature in a blog, and you just start thinking to yourself: How can I get this in my WordPress blog/site as well. Everybody have experienced this feeling. Sometimes you know you want it, and don’t know where to look for, or even what to look for. In this article we will be sharing some of the most wanted WordPress Tips, Tricks, and Hacks that you will definitely find useful. These tutorials are classified under various skills level. For some tutorials, you will need to know basic HTML and some WordPress Knowledge." -Read the article at WPBeginner. Widgetizing Themes Widgetizing is a pseudo word that describes the process of implementing Widgets and Widget Areas into your Theme. -Read the article at Wordpress Codex. 10 Useful WordPress Loop Hacks "The loop is a very important aspect of WordPress blogs. In fact, the loop is what allows you to get posts from your WordPress database and print them on the screen. A set of useful and user-friendly functions, the loop is incredibly powerful. With it, you can get a single post, a list of posts ordered by date, title or category, a list of posts written by a specific author and much more. In this article, we’ll show you 10 useful things you can do with the WordPress loop to make your blog even more powerful than it is right now." -Read the article at Smashing Magazine. Adding Disqus comment count links to your home page "Most websites implementing Disqus will want a way to display the comment count for each page with comments, on their home page. We offer an easy to use JavaScript code snippet which displays the number of comments for pages with Disqus embedded." -Read the article at Disqus.

Tuesday Giveaway "Arcade" Wordpress Theme

Summer Week Giveaways. Another day and another giveaway for all readers, this time is an awesome wordpress theme from Obox Signature Series, a very stylish and dynamic theme that comes with a full year support. The Obox Signature Series competition For years the guys from Obox Design have always wanted to create beautiful website templates which are dynamic and customizable. Over the last 30 days they put these thoughts into motion. With a lot of stress, coffee and lack of sleep they are now ready to launch the Obox Signature Series, a collection of Premium Wordpress themes. “Because we feel that the Arcade theme suits Abduzeedo very well we want to give your users a chance to win a 2 free copies of the theme.” To celebrate the launch of their new Premium Theme collection the ‘Obox Signature Series’, we are holding a competition by giving away 2 copies of their new ‘Arcade’ theme. Arcade: Arcade was inspired by the genius Martijn van Dam who creates some incredible designs. This theme is perfect for gamers or Sci-Fi movie bloggers who appreciate the roots of retro design. Full Site Details Comments Side Bar Footer OCMX-Live All their themes are packaged with OCMX-Live, a powerful add-on to the Wordpress backend which allows you to control and customize elements of your theme including: • Comment Control • Analytics Install • Custom Logo Input • Menu Structure Management • Create custom galleries • Advert Management • Meta tagging In the front end their themes include features like: • AJAX commenting • Threaded Comments • Video support • jQuery effects • High quality design DEMO THE THEME 2 copies will be given away, leave a comment to participate (winners will be announced this weekend) All winners will receive a full year of support for their new theme for free. For more info you can visit the Obox Design website ( where you can view their full theme collection and more details on support and pricing. Good luck!