Tatiana Plakhova Fractal and Futuristic Artworks

I got really stunned the first time I saw Tatiana's works, they're not just common fractal artworks, they have a lot of details and that unique futuristic feeling. Using only Adobe Illustrator, she creates images that resemble micro fibers, jellyfishes, nets and other imaginable objects.

Nowadays Tatiana's works at a design studio called Colour Atelier with her partner Nadya Semchishina, doing design projects with webdesign, visual identities and print design.


Graduated from Moscow State University in Social Psychology, and then studied in High Academic School of Graphic Design. Worked with clients like Procter&Gamble Russia, Playboy USA, Wired Maggazine UK, 33 across USA (Tatiana's Website)

My technique is quite simple, it’s just lines and dots. All the images are “handmade” vectors, it’s not a result of processing or fractals. I like mathematical art, but when it’s made by a machine, it almost never looks alive. And the first image in this series I made during a phone call doodling on a piece of paper; I think everybody likes to draw while speaking. Then I did the same thing in vectors, with good music, and then I just couldn’t stop making next and next image. (Tatiana's Sublimotion Interview)

VIOLIN from Tatiana Plakhova on Vimeo.

With you want to know more about Tatiana's and her work, you can access her Website or her Flickr.

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Marcos Torres

I'm Marcos Torres, I'm a Graphic Artist from Brasil.

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