The Joy of Opening an Apple Package

If the small pleasures are really the ones that count, there's a special one that I had the opportunity to try in its full power last month. After being a PC user for over 15 years, I've bought my first Mac.

I gotta confess that I got pretty anxious waiting for the delivery. But after 3 days, it finally arrived at my home, my dream came true. I had heard the things people say about unpacking a Mac, of how much of a powerful experience it might be, and I can say, they were right. First, the distributor box was nothing special, just a cardboard regular one, not fancy or anything. But, as I started to open it, I felt like I was in some sort of Pirate/treasure hunt movie, when they open the treasure chest and that golden glow shines upon their face, and this simply makes you think that all the hard work you had to buy it was really, really worth it. I'm totally serious when I say that the Macbook box is probably one of the most beautiful things that exist. It doesn't have any exotic shape, there's not much details, but its finishing is absolutely stunning.

Apple MacBook Box - The Joy of Opening an Apple Package

Minimalist, there are only the necessary elements, like a few pictures, some information, and of course, the apple logo. I really felt like I had won the lottery. Actually, the box is such a great piece of design that is almost like you had bought the box, and not what comes inside.

Apple MacBook Box - The Joy of Opening an Apple Package

In the podcast they discuss the packaging of an iPod (the 1st generation Nano as it happens) which I also own. Where this resonates with me is the fact that I didn’t purchase this product, it was a Christmas gift and as such I didn’t have the purchase experience; my first interaction with the product was to unwrap the box. At this point I’ll skip to the end; the box for my Nano sits proudly on my shelf. I haven’t retained the box for some perfunctory purpose to store the Nano again when I come to move house. I don’t keep it so that I can put the Nano away every night either. I keep it because, in itself, it’s a beautiful little piece of design that is worthy of display. - John Gibbard from Smorgasbord Design

Apple MacBook Box - The Joy of Opening an Apple Package

During the school year, the boxes for his third-generation iPod, PowerBook G4, Mighty Mouse and OS X Tiger sit at home with his parents. For the time being, he contents himself with a rear-lit Apple Pro Keyboard box dangling from the loft of his dorm room. 'I can't imagine throwing them away," he said. "It's more than a record of a serial number; it's a record of a good event that happened in my life.' - Wired

Yet, opening the box it's another great pleasure... getting to see that fantastic piece inside, all yours. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who had this kind of experience. There gotta be much more people who enjoy opening their wish list itens, whether it's a mac or not. Like when we were a child, and we would open our presents under the Christmas tree, just to see that we got what we'd asked for or when you finally got that Pokemon game card you were looking for. Total madness. Wait... madness? THIS, IS, SPARTAAAA!

But we would really love to hear from you guys, what packages really made you happy, these days, or when you were kids, like the Nintendo 64 kids. I do remember the joy of getting my Sega Gensis and my Super Nintendo. Happy, happy, joy, joy! Tell us!! We want to know! Cheers! ;)

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