UPDATED: Pixelmator Christmas Giveaway

So yesterday's giveaway went great. In fact, it was so popular that some flaws in how we were judging the winners of the giveaway came to the surface very quickly (we're in the process of making sure everyone from yesterday is taken care of). So today we'd like to make one change that should clear everything up for today's Pixelmator Christmas Giveaway. Commenting.

At 1pm EST today (Wednesday), I will be posting the below image to the Abduzeedo facebook page. The rules are simple, the first 5 to COMMENT "Abduzeedo" (reasonable typos accepted) on the image will get a free copy of the Pixelmator software. This will go even faster than yesterday's contest so I'll be extra careful to be precise on the time. 1pm EST - on the dot!

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