Video Inspiration: "In My Eyes - Pistol Youth"


Isaac Rentz - a great filmmaker from LA - just finished his latest musikvideo for the band Pistol Youth. He put the singer's face in clips from the old tv show "Golden Girls". Its an incredible musicvideo and it has already found a place in my list of favourite music videos of 2009.

I asked Isaac Rentz to give us a some background information, so he send me a short description of how he came up with the idea and a picture from the videoshot. Watch more of his work on

Pistol Youth - In My Eyes from pistolyouth on Vimeo.

Isaac Rentz about "In My Eyes":
When I was little I used to watch the golden girls with my mom after school. She would iron and I would pretend to do homework. This is a concept I've always wanted to try, and Bradley (the band's lead singer) was extremely receptive when I told him about it. It took a full day of shooting his face from every conceivable angle, and our tracking artist, David Torno worked on over 90 fx shots for two months to make it happen. I hope that when people see it either makes them really happy or really uncomfortable.

Brad Carter Pistol Youth Making of the video in my eyes

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