Wallpaper Contest Final Update

After 3 long weeks our Abduzeedo + MediaMilitia contest is now over and closed for entries, and here is the final update of the entries, check it out.

The fist update we had 99 entries, this time is more than 140. It took a lot of work to put it all together on this post, there were still some late entries that will be added to this post later today. MediaMilitia and Abduzeedo would like to thank everyone that participated and next week we will come up with a result. 01 Daniel http://www.flickr.com/photos/dandooo/ 02 Rogelio Morin http://rockgelio.deviantart.com/ 03 Adrian Bowman www.facebook.com/PhatBoi914 04 Pablo Iván Vázquez Rodríguez http://pok-s.blogspot.com/ 05 Lucas Sebastian Vazquez www.lucasrip.com.ar www.flickr.com/royk 06 Paul X. Cordero 07 Jack Bloom www.oldergraphicdesigner.com 08 Evilmunky http://evilmunky.deviantart.com/ 09 Gege Hoad 10 Ben Domschine http://darkened-horizons.deviantart.com 11 Jack Crockett taktent.deviantart.com 12 Hunter Franks www.hunterfranks.com 13 James May http://naturallybrewed.cwahi.net/ 14 Ricky Bayu Saputra http://overminded-creation.deviantart.com/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/desain_cemplixxx 15 Caleb Casady http://c-wconcepts.com/ 16 David Lopez Icazbalceta http://iika7.deviantart.com/ 17 Paul Burgess delarge.co.uk / urbandirty.com 18 Miika Ahvenjärvi Uribaani.deviantart.com 19 Andrew Hesham 20 Martin Haukaas www.martinhaukaas.com 21 Julien Houssard http://lilarosehoussard.free.fr 22 Rahul Jha www.rjartworks.co.cc 23 Carlos Restrepo www.creativecarlos.com 24 Dragos Muntean www.dvisiondesign.ro 25 Tabby Fijma www.codegreen.nl 26 Felix Hille 27 Alexandru Stoian http://www.bytefx.ro http://alexdeejay.deviantart.com 28 Adam Hill Designsbyadam.com 29 Luis Lopez www.coroflot.com/rayflectx 30 Wayne Jansen http://indawo.deviantart.com/ 31 Michael Hall 32 Blubuk http://blubuk.deviantart.com/ 33 Luis Rabines www.luisrabines.com 34 Lionel Faliu http://lionel.faliu.com 35 Philip Rennie www.wearegraphicdesigns.co.uk 36 João Paulo da Silva Veríssimo Link: http://comarte-pt.blogspot.com http://tutoriaisjv.blogspot.com/ 37 Chris Rowe http://redsquareagency.com/ 38 Mary Dellys Navarro Rodriguez 39 Sam Johnson. http://0-symmetry-0.deviantart.com/ 40 Micah Donaldson http://www.behance.net/MicahDonaldson/Frame 41 Giuliana Canale Sancho www.giulianacanale.com 42 Jim Dwyer 43 HIPÖCRATES RODRIGUEZ BlogSpot: www.breakerr.blogspot.com Deviantart: www.breakerr.deviantart.com 44 Victor Hugo Estrada Fernandez 45 Daniel Romero http://dannyrip.deviantart.com/ 46 Joseph 47 Richard Diaz https://www.photoshop.com/user/richarddiaz http://www.flickr.com/photos/richdiaz/ 48 Jan Carlos Picot http://www.flickr.com/xalphagraphix/ 49 Navi Bola 50 Adrian Bowman www.facebook.com/PhatBoi914 51 Dominik Petanjek http://domy95.deviantart.com/ 52 David Fitzgibbon davidfitzgibbon.com 53 Wiljo Rouwenhorst www.behance.net/wiljo 54 Miguel Carino www.miguelcarino.com.br 55 Maurizio Spicuglia http://www.nextart.it 56 Guilherme Guido Prochnow proxe9.deviantart.com 57 Philippe Caron 58 THALES SILVEIRA www.thalessilveira.carbonmade.com 59 Philip Stringfellow http://plethora2008.deviantart.com 60 Helio Meniconi www.menick.co.uk 61 Zoran Milosevic 62 dwi yuliyanto www.blacklightzzz.deviantart.com 63 Héctor Bermúdez http://thebackdrop.us/ http://hectorbermudez.blogspot.com/ 64 Nikolas Ardeley http://tk-S.deviantART.com 65 Martin Dörsch http://www.martindoersch.at http://blog.martindoersch.at 66 Philip Stringfellow http://plethora2008.deviantart.com 67 Mathieu Bernardis 68 Karim Bharwani www.o7media.com 69 Cecílio Mendes www.flickr.com/ceciliow www.behance.net/cecilio 70 Wirsa Nurdin 71 Yang Gan Site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/26501875@N08/3689331468/ 72 RODRIGO ANTONIO CUBIAS http://www.flickr.com/photos/dro84/ 73 Micah Donaldson http://www.behance.net/MicahDonaldson/Frame 74 Leslie Andrew Ridings http://www.artkid.us/ 75 Mario Novoselec 76 Joseph van der Vlugt http://josephvportfolio.tk/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/golfie-photoshop/ 77 Andrew Hesham 78 Constantin Stein http://tidrop.deviantart.com/ 79 Jordan Jakimovski 80 Rokas Mezetis 81 Max Böttger http://maxboettger.deviantart.com/ 82 Jake Berkes www.projectedmind.com 83 Michael Leite Melchiors www.thedreamsandman.blogspot.com 84 Nik Mann www.fuelledmedia.com 85 Anton H 86 ose Potes http://potx.deviantart.com/ 87 Jairo Borges Martins de Sousa http://www.flickr.com/photos/jairoborges/ 88 Daniel Benitez Correa 89 micah donaldson http://www.behance.net/MicahDonaldson/Frame 90 Edmar Cisneros http://zerj19.deviantart.com/ http://www.behance.net/Zerj20 91 Yang Gan http://www.flickr.com/photos/26501875@N08/3693457414/ 92 Jayp Asuncion http://profiles.friendster.com/pauljaboitellem 93 Miika Ahvenjärvi Uribaani.deviantart.com 94 Brock Nordstrom brocknordstrom.carbonmade.com 95 Martha Mayhem http://www.flickr.com/photos/marthamayhemphoto/ 96 Victor Castro 97 Salvatore Palange http://www.tumitu.com 98 Leonardo Peña Sarmanho http://hypnosefall.blogspot.com/ 99 Arno Van Waeyenberg http://www.flickr.com/photos/23325825@N05 100 Leonardo Peña Sarmanho http://hypnosefall.blogspot.com/ 101 daniel romero 102 Daniel Benitez Correa 103 Tom Gamble http://stylage.deviantart.com/ 104 José García http://chepedog17.deviantart.com/ 105 Natxo Martínez http://www.natxomartinez.com 106 Jairo Souza www.jaaaiiro.deviantart.com 107 Leonardo Peña Sarmanho http://hypnosefall.blogspot.com/ 108 Lee Norris 109 Dan Sullivan Site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/28413490@N04/ 110 Hassan Romero http://hjrp.deviantart.com/ 111 Tiago Monteiro http://www.flickr.com/photos/tsworks 112 Mateusz Wanat queedo.deviantart.com 113 Rohan Kusre http://www.facebook.com/rohankusre 114 Kris Waller www.lykeios.co.uk / flickr.com/lykeios 115 Faisal Manzoor 116 Rob Rijken robke22.deviantart.com 117 Keith Garrison www.behance.com/noirmaybe 118 Roberto Alanís Zarco http://der-alter-mann.deviantart.com http://www.behance.net/alter 119 Max Hain http://slippy123.deviantart.com 120 Michael Rodríguez Hernández 121 Nextart 122 Aaron Perez www.trevor80.deviantart.com 123 Azzrizal Zolhaili http://azzrizal.com http://blog.azzrizal.com 124 Andreas Hummel website: http://www.nd02.de 125 Luke Davis http://starcrazy.org/art 126 Andy Robbins http://www.simpleblend.net 127 Bucsa Silviu http://www.mad-cat.eu 128 Craig Snodgrass cyrus6studios.com rocketzoommedia.com 129 Cole Sprague 130 Eric Monnereau http://www.monnereaudesign.com.ar/ 131 Roberto Besido www.sleep-zero.com 132 Rohan Kusre 133 Brian Sander www.imfbp.net 134 Michael Hogrebe 135 Louis LOZE 136 Lamaro Smith http://www.lamarosmith.com/main.php 137 Gideon Slife 138 Ali Derricotte www.coroflot.com/aliderricottedesign 139 Fill Ryabchikov http://www.behance.net/Fillzy 140 Cláudio Fernandes www.cmgfdesign.com . 141 Cecílio Mendes www.flickr.com/ceciliow www.behance.net/cecilio 142 matthew mannino http://sevyuno.deviantart.com/ 143 Arnold Camas http://acedman.deviantart.com/ 144 Anders Tornevad 145 Hugh Gledhill 146 Philip Stringfellow http://www.ps-designuk.co.cc http://plethora2008.deviantart.com
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Paulo Canabarro

I'm a passionate designer at pauxel.com where I focus on helping small business grow online. I'm also an enthusiastic blogger here at abduzeedo.  Say hello on twitter @paul0v2.

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