Today we selected 2 iPhone apps, 2 Android and 1 iPad app, I'm sure all of you will love at least on of those apps. Give a special look at Nike+ Basketball, it's so cool! Also, give a try on Heart Rate and Carbon, for Android! Hope you guys like all the whole selection, and stay tuned for the next week!

You can keep sending me your suggestions via Twitter and include #abdz_apps in the message.

Nike+ Basketball -

The Nike+ Basketball application is designed to work exclusively with Nike shoes containing the latest Nike+ Sport technology

Nike+ Basketball

Heart Rate -

Check your heart rate anytime - when you wake up, after exercise, or before a big meeting. The runtastic Heart Rate App will measure how fast your heart beats with great accuracy using your smartphone camera!

Heart Rate

Carbon -

Carbon is the missing app sync and backup solution for Android.


Fleksy -

The biggest innovation to come to touch typing, now free to try!


Procreate -

Procreate is the weapon of choice for creatives on the move. Whether storyboarding the next Hollywood blockbuster, illustrating a children's book, or just having fun, Procreate will put you into a league of your own.


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