Do you know Feedly? It's for sure my favorite reader app. They released a new version for Android and iPhone, as always clean and beautiful. But you have another option to chose here, is Pulp, for iPad. I'm featuring other weather app too, but this one is different, it shows you a bit more! Also you'll find here Maluuba, for Android, and Triggertrap, for iPhone. Hope you like those apps and stay tuned for the next week!

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Feedly -

Feedly is a fast and stylish way to read and share the content of your favorite sites. It brings a fresh new experience to Google Reader.


Normal or Not -

The app that answers the question "Is this weather normal or not?" By comparing the current weather forecast in your location to a massive database of weather history we can tell you how it compares to previous temperatures and rain fall patterns for that day of the year in history.

Normal or Not

Maluuba -

The next generation of voice enabled personal assistant apps! The Maluuba "do engine" helps you search for local businesses, organize your calendar, alarms and reminders, and share great concerts and movies with your friends.


Triggertrap -

Trigger your built-in camera or your SLR camera* with your iPhone/iPod/iPad, using more than 12 different triggering modes.


Pulp -

Pulp is a unique and innovative newsreader that lets you turn your favourite news sites into your own personalized newspaper, and make scanning through the news quicker and more enjoyable than ever before.


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