28K creates digital brand identity for the web3 company Everbloom 

Everbloom is an app that democratizes NFT making by keeping it simple and welcoming and focusing on creation and community. Everbloom invites creators, artists, and technologists to follow their creative passions by using NFTs as the platform for independence.


The team at Everbloom.app came to Studio 28K and needed help revamping their brand identity. The team was on a mission to make NFTs more accessible and help make opportunities for creators. As part of this mission, the Everbloom product was undergoing a transition. A transition that needed a new identity to mark the shift.


Everbloom is a digital brand. Their product is digital, and their brand presence lives across the web, social, and discord. Not uncommon for a brand in 2022.

That's why 28K approached the identity from a digital mindset. Meaning that we didn't focus so much on which Pantone color is the right for the brand, but more so if the concept behind the identity is flexible enough to tell the story across all platforms. From a juicy video piece to something as simple as a single button.

Making brand identity shine in-product is difficult, so we build the identity to be responsive. That means mapping out key moments across a user journey and defining if the goal at that moment is of Impression or Utility.

Concept: The EverGrid

Everbloom's mission is to turn self-expression into a never-ending opportunity. To visually communicate this ethos, we created the EverGrid, an identity system inspired by the never-ending infinity mirror and blockchain. The identity is designed to be flexible and responsive, allowing the designer freedom and self-expression in working with the brand.

Target audience

  • Multidisciplinary Creative Entrepreneurs. 16 - 28 years old.
  • Fans of creators and crypto-curious collectors. Likely no NFT expertise, but curious. 14 - 32 years old.

Typefaces in use

  • Sequel 100 Wide
  • PP Eiko Post Grotesk
  • Post Grotesk


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