Colorful Branding and Visual Identity for G7 Group

David Silva shared a colorful branding and visual identity he created for the G7 Group in Brazil. The Group G7is part of Semesp Corporate University network, which aims to train and qualify professionals from higher education institutions, disseminating knowledge, techniques and values ​​considered fundamental to the success of higher education in Brazil.

Branding and Visual Identity Shorty’s Coffee

The Colour Club, a full service creative studio based in the United Kingdom and Australia, shared a simple, yet elegant branding and visual identity for Shorty's a coffee shop in in Randwick. Shorty’s is a go-to local serving up quality coffee and food. In naming and developing the brand they took inspiration from the 6’6” owner, tweaking a tall typeface and pairing it with a set of lanky legs to illustrate the morning coffee run.

FUSE Create Rebranding

Having developed FUSE Marketing Group’s visual identity years ago, the team approached Jacknife to help reinvigorate their identity once again. This time, they were merging two distinct brands offering advertising and experiential into a cohesive offering under a new name: FUSE Create. The ask was to develop a clever system that captured their channel-agnostic approach and ‘creative first’ mindset in a way that would “turn heads”—just as they do for their own clients.

Visual identity for French Ministry of Culture

Graphéine is a brand design agency based in Paris, France. They have shared through via their Behance, the new visual identity for the French Ministry of Culture. The Ministry's logo was initially designed back in 1989 by Pippo Lionni and later in 1999, the logo of the French Republic was added.

Cortex Bar Branding and Visual Identity by FatFaceStudio

FatFaceStudio shared an awesome branding and visual identity project for event producers from my hometown. Here’s how the awesome folks over at FatFaceStudio tell the story: When a duo of event producers from Porto Alegre, Brazil decided to open a new venue to celebrate the music from the good, not-so-old days of the early 2000's, they named it Cortex – the part of the brain responsible for, among other things, storing memories.

Ted Oliver Personal Brand Identity

Since Tiago Souza Oliveira aka. Ted Oliver a  was a child he has always been in constant contact with art, mainly due to the experience of nuclei, curves and forms of architecture/culture in Pirenópolis, the city where he was born and grew up. After positioning himself professionally as an art director, he had the need to create an identity for his personal brand and improve my online presence.

Branding and Visual Identity for Energy Company

Andstudio . shared a beautiful branding and visual design project for Ignitis, an international energy group, uniting over 20 companies and operating across the Baltics, Poland and Finland.  It turned to us for a brand identity that would stand the test of time and unite all of the company’s ventures under a cohesive brand. 

Surprising and Unexpected Branding for OOKLOK

Giovanni Bordé, Dareen Taji and Tonic International Dubai shared a branding and visual identity project they created for OOKLOK, an online and digital service booking company in Dubai aiming to make people's lives easier by connecting them with a wide range of services in one platform. Their main users are busy tech savvy millennials with very little time for a break in their schedule.

Brutalist Branding for Tallinn Music Week of 2019

AKU shared a fresh branding project on their Behance page. It’s the visual identity for the Tallinn Music Week of 2019. I don’t know much about the project or the event but I like how brutalist it is. The folks over at AKU used some primitive objects and animations to create this striking look. It might not please everyone but nothing really does. That’s why we wanted to feature here on abdz.

Superb Branding Work for POPPA

POPPA is a Brazilian music duo based in London consisting of the super talented designers Arthur Petrillo and Geo Freitas. I personally got to know Arthur at work and I was always impressed by the amazing work he delivers. I am now even more impressed by this project.  The songs are co-produced and co-arranged by Billy Mello and the first EP will be released on 26th of May on the streaming services.

Fuller Branding Transcends Design Trends

Sean Kane shared an elegant branding and visual identity project for Fuller, a leading independent brand communication agency, home to strategists, creatives, digital natives and craftspeople. Eight years after their last rebrand, Fuller decided a fresh look with a restrained, timeless quality was needed. Through the confronting process of analysing their own brand, it was realised that the brand’s strength was in the parts that made Fuller whole — the history, family, staff and diverse range of clients. 

Branding and Visual Identity for Potency Design

Guilherme Vissotto and Victor Berriel shared a branding and visual identity project for Potency Agency. The details about the project are quite scarce, they didn’t add any description. Based on the work itself I assume it’s for a design studio/agency. The presentation is beautiful. The color palette is also very well selected. The logo plays with white space to mix the lightning and the P. They do an excellent job, however I am not really a fan of the shadow.

NATGEO KIDS Branding Redesign Proposal

Negro Studio  got a call from their friends at PLENTY to work with them on some proposals for NATGEO kids branding (rebranding). I cannot imagine the excitement that receiving a call like that might have been. For me National Geographic is one of those iconic brands. The yellow rectangle is so simple, yet recognized everywhere. It’s funny to think of these memorable brands. If I ask you the brand of a blog or social media influencer would you be able to describe it?

Branding & Visual Identity for Automotive MediaVentions

Total Design, Adam Lane and Edwin van Praet shared an incredible branding and visual identity project for Automotive MediaVentions (AMV), a new unique collaboration between DPG Media and Mediahuis, the two biggest Dutch media companies.

Yummy & Sunny Branding for Ice Cream yeah you’re right Ice Cream

You know those designs that you feel bad, not because of the poor quality but the opposite. When you question yourself, “why didn’t I think about that” or in my case “Why I suck so much”. Well, if you have these thoughts, a word of comfort, you are not alone. But brace for impact. Berik Yergaliyev shared a concept of an ice cream branding and visual identity inspired by one of the most colorful cities in the world – Rio de Janeiro. 

Branding and Visual Identity for Reset Bioscience

Well was approached by Disruption Labs in 2018 to collaborate on a project which saw the R&D company implement patented nanotechnology into the already booming CBD sector in the US and Europe. The Disruption Labs team, led by Matt Reid and Chris Barber wanted to create a brand that didn't fit in with the current "pop-culture" aesthetic of the industry.

Branding and Visual Design for Poesía Portátil

Lucas Carrascosa shared some beautiful branding and visual design work created for Poesía Portátil, a project by Roberto & Victoria cult jewelry that arises from the encounter of two forms of expression, the word and matter, which united create a new territory: a limited, signed and numbered edition of jewellery containing 11 poems by 11 contemporary authors. The collection was presented at the Utopia Markets poetry festival.

Classy Branding & Visual Identity for Anovel Jazz Festival

It’s hard to not follow trends, I struggle, people I know struggle, you probably struggle. That’s okay. The best way to learn is to try to imitate things we like. I am a believer that nothing is truly brand new but more an interpretation of something. I wonder if that is because I am not not talented enough. I can talk about this for hours but that is not what I want to do for this post. I would love to share some branding, graphic design and visual design inspiration. The work that Javier Morales created for Anovel Jazz Festival.

Branding & Visual Identity for Artificial Intelligence in Wealth Management Conf.

I have been living in Switzerland for almost 8 months now, it's definitely a slower pace than what I am used to but I am definitely enjoying it. I just love how close to nature you really are and the momentum of stress is almost non-existent. Following up, I love to discover designers or featuring interesting things on the blog. Let's take a look at this branding and visual identity for a conference, Artificial Intelligence in Wealth Management. Designed by the fine folks from Alto Crew

Branding & Visual Identity for 121

121 is a partner agency of the DDB Group based in Lima, Peru. They collaborated with the fine folks from Hueso Studio on creating a visual identity and branding that would express and demonstrate an emotional social connection with their clients and target audience. Looking at the visual approach on this design, it reminds you of the good old' days of design by giving a nod to the 70s with the colors, lines and gradients?

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