Gorgeous Tea Packaging by Sabina Loacker

Imbibing tea is a relaxing activity so consuming the packaging should match that same feeling. We're steeping in the beauty of Austrian-based Sabina Loacker's concepting, art direction and graphic design work for a local tea brand and reminding us all that inspiration is always right in front of us. The simple typeface matches the super minimal design and we're just loving every bit of the resulting look and feel.

NEXT CONFERENCE 2018 Branding Work Mixes 3D and Typography

Vincent Schwenk shared a beautiful and quite extensive branding project on his Behance page. The work was done for the NEXT CONFERENCE 2018. The premise of the conference  is all about the question: how can the digital world be renewed? How can control be regained? And how can we prevent her from dominating us? This problem is represented by technical 3D objects that use organic textures and movements.

Les Petits Frères Charitable Organization: Branding Love by Felix Renaud

If you're looking for an instant mood enhancer halt now and enjoy the beautiful work of Felix Renaud for Canadian charitable organization Les Petits Freres. Renaud was tapped to shoot a calendar for this most heartwarming charity that seeks to provide companionship for elders by providing a caring, committed extended family around them dedicated to alleviating their isolation. The uplifting imagery and vibrant color palette do wonders in highlighting the subjects and their gravitas. We love everything about this campaign and the charitable organization it supports.

Brand Identity for Womena by Mohamed Samir

Mohamed Samir shared a beautiful brand identity project he created on his Behance profile for Womena. Womena is a platform dedicated to encouraging gender diversity and inclusion in the regional entrepreneurship ecosystem. Womena focuses on empowering women leadership in Middle East as well as Angel Investment and educating the future female leaders.

Clever Brand Identity For European Space Agency

Tata&Friends Studio shared an super smart and elegant brand identity project on their Behance profile for the European Space Agency, or ESA. Rethink cESA is the European Space Agency and its mission is to shape the development of space exploration. Less known than it's American counterpart NASA, but just as strong in its achievements. ESA is part of the elite in space exploration. The result is a clever usage of negative space to create a rocket with one of the letters of ESA. 

Branding for Lilo™, a brand for men's shoes 100% recycled leather

We would like to feature this fashionable branding for Lilo™ designed by Federico Sanchez, a designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The brand behind its design is for men's shoes 100% recycled leather. I love the simplicity of its design and the choice of colors with a little accent with the Yellow. What caught my eye for this project is the logo, the bigger 'O' somehow balances it all well together. The overall design kept its sustainable vision of the brand rightfully to its philosophy.

Awesome Brand Identity for Royal Stranger

Plot Twist Design created a really beautiful brand identity for Royal Stranger, a contemporary furniture Design Brand from Portugal. The brand offers bold and out-of-the box products crafted with the most precise and rigorous attention to detail. The design has a modern take on a classic form and I love it! They are also responsible for the naming and the web design. 

Beautiful NBC Olympics Tokyo 2020 Branding by MOCEAN​​​​​​​

Mitch Monson, the VP and Creative Director of Brand Design and Animation MOCEAN shared the beautiful branding and logo system work they did for the NBC Sports Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. I still cannot believe we are already talking about 2020, but yes, you are right, another decade is over and to celebrate the new one we have the summer Olympic Games, which for the first time, will have sports like surfing as part of the program. Super exciting.

Product Design Love: Bodega Los Cedros by Anagrama Studio

Bodega Los Cedros is a Mexican vineyard located in the mountains of Arteaga, Coahuila. The origins of the name derive from a passion and dream of a family to produce high quality wines within a region more than 100 years old named "El Cedrito." Enter the talented team at Anagrama Studio to bring the branding vision of this magical place to life by tapping into the geographical location of the vineyard for inspiration.

Art pieces made of 24 brand colors for VYVYD Studio - Digital Art

Our pal Pawel Nolbert has been a long-time inspiring artist/designer/maker we featured on ABDZ. His project for VYVYD Studio is keeping its same caliber and we are sharing a series of brand visual Pawel worked on using 24 colors from their new collection. It's just stunning as usual and this kind of style is always pushing me to jump into 3D. I have been saying that for the last decade, for now let's enjoy this!

Intricate and Modern Brand Identity for Whiskey Bottle

BrandMills Studios shared a cool Brand Identity and packaging design project they created for a whiskey brand. The name os Lava and they design a quite intricate, yet simple identity that feels modern but works quite well for their purpose. They were super nice to share some of the ideas behind it as well as some images. Enjoy it! Project description What is that feeling you get when you hear "Lava" a mysterious mass flowing in fluorescent colors. It is mysterious more than it is scary.

Muse + Mettā Kombucha Brand Identity by Kati Forner

It's no secret we're big fans of the work coming from Kati Forner Design having showcased some past work of hers here on Abduzeedo. Of late we're swooning over the most recent work for Kombucha brand Muse + Mettā founded by Trent Brokie .

Branding & Art Direction for Smeaton Grange CrossFit

Korolos from Korolos & Friends has shared with us through our Facebook, a cool project they have worked on for Smeaton Grange CrossFit from Sydney, Australia. Focusing on their branding and art direction; they worked at developing their brand and identity, concept and strategy, through to launch and campaign.

Refreshed Visual Identity and Motion Graphics for SPORTV

BEELD Motion invited Danilo Gusmão Silveira to help them create a new visual Identity for SPORTV, one of the most prominent Sports Channels in South America. They experimented with several different graphic styles and forms to find a new image for the channel. The result is simply beautiful. The move from the old style which was very 3D with some chrome and other old style broadcast design style is very welcome.

Elegant Brand Identity for KNNOX Lighters

Socio Design shared a beautiful brand identity project on their Behance profile. The client was KNNOX lighters, and the goal was to celebrate the simple and modern aesthetic as well as the precision handcraft of KNNOX lighters which feature contributions from fifteen different hand-selected English manufacturers. The lighters are packaged as a kit of individual components to be assembled by the consumer, emphasising the incredible detail an accuracy put into its production.

Super Clean Brand Identity for Das Flash

Das Flash It is a mini-magazine about the art of tattoo in Poland. Grzegorz Leśniewicz was responsible for creating a concept, name, brand's philosophy, logotype and all brand identity materials along with a digital image. The final design was further modified in the direction of a more raw and underground appearance.

10 Logos in 10 Days Challenge - Logo Design

You gotta appreciate when designers get out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves to be creative and push the boundaries of making. Well, Yago Ferreira from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; is a good example of that with his 10 logos/10 days series that he shared on his Behance profile. I personally love the first one with the Museo da Arte de Rua, a mosaïc puzzle of goodness mashing together beautifully.

Grid System Behind Logo Design

If you love of using a grid systems for every  logo design you create, including marks and icons, Kareem Magdi got you covered. He shared a set of beautifully designed logomarks and the grid system behind it. The symbols vary from letters to animals including squirrel and elephants to other more abstract shapes. Personally, I like the use of this technique to make sure that the form is optically balanced, however, I also think it's not needed all the time. It might add too much rigidity to the design. 

Packaging & Branding: SCHEMA|食在有藝Arc&Art

There is a beauty to see designs translated in various languages and again it's even more inspiring to see it coming from different backgrounds from all over the World. Let's take a look at the work of 劉家芸 liujiayun who is a graphic designer & illustrator based in Taipei City, Taiwan. First of all, I am so attracted by the art direction with colours and concepts for SCHEMA|食在有藝Arc&Art. It's a stunning design and you should definitely check out her Behance.

Branding & Visual Identity for Lifestart Virgin Money

The amazing people over at Erretres, a branding and digital consultancy founded in 2003 by Pablo Rubio Ordás, shared a beautiful branding and visual design project on their Behance profile. The project is for Virgin Money, an international finance brand operating in Australia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. Virgin Money wanted to offer a new service for their youngest target audience and potential young clients based in a disruptive finance learning model.

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