30 Impressive Ad Photographs by Marc Paeps


Marc Paeps is a unbelievable photographer from Belgium, his works are so creative and his photos have such a style to it, it's just impressive to see these photos become great ads, great inspiration, check it out!
For more from Marc Paeps visit www.marcpaeps.com
client: Heinz / agency: Leo Burnett headline: hot ketchup

client: Newspaper / agency: Openhere headline : Nude president for all ?

client: Filigrane / agency: Air headline : "Faites vous votre propre film, lisez un livre."

lient: Cadeau box / agency: Openhere

client: Nieuwsblad / agency: TBWA

client: Loterie nationale / agency: headline : Problème de dépendance au jeu ?

client: Alpro soja / agency: headline : Make your body the best place to live.

client: Eurostar / agency: TBWA headline: London daytrip. Aller-retour

client: canvas / agency: Duval Guillaume

client: Worldgym / agency: LG&F headline : you can't solve every problem with your head

client: playstation 3 / agency: TBWA headline : entertainment like you never seen before

lient: looza / agency: DDB headline : The fruit that follows you. Looza Ace.

client: la poste / agency: LG&F headline : "une question sur l'envoit ? 022/012345"

client: maglab / agency: Happiness

client: OVK / agency: DDB

client: radio contact / agency: Leo Burnett headline : whatever happens, feel good

client: RSF / agency: Happiness evolvescensorship too Go on rsf.org and sign the petition against internet censorship.

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