Abduzeedo Icon Contest - Voting

After 3 weeks for submissions to the Abduzeedo Icon Contest, now it’s time to vote. Below there are 30 icons from the Flickr Pool, to vote is very simple, just leave a comment with the number of the icon you like the most. Also we will giveaway 2 slots on the abduzeedo favicon wall. So good luck.

We will announce the winners next Friday, June 6th.

  1. AbduzeedoIcon

  2. Abduzeedo Icon

  3. Abduzeedo Icon

  4. Abduzeedo Icon first test

  5. A like Abduzeedo

  6. Space clouds - Abduzeedo icon contest

  7. Light burst - Abduzeedo icon contest

  8. abduzeedo icon

  9. Abicon

  10. ABDUZEEDO icon contest

  11. Abduzeedo Contest Entry

  12. Abduzeedo Icon

  13. Abduzeedo icon contest - Crop circles

  14. Abduzeedo icon

  15. Abduzeedo Icon

  16. Space clouds - Abduzeedo icon contest

  17. Abduzeedo Contest

  18. Abduzeedo icon 2

  19. Abduzeedo Icon first test

  20. Abduzeedo space out

  21. Abduzeedo icon!

  22. abuzeedo icon

  23. abduzeedo icon

  24. Abducted Wallpaper

  25. Abdulights

  26. Breaking Apart

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