Adobe Stock: The Female Creator

It’s Women’s History Month and a follow-up from yesterday feature from Adobe. For the occasion, we are sharing another initiative from our friends from Adobe Stock and it’s to talk about how a lot of stock images lack the diversity in terms of women being pictured as slender, delicate, domestic, unthreatening, and models are often Caucasian. But more and more, photographers are stepping it up to newer perspectives to the table which is pretty cool.

Read the full article here, you can read beautiful insights from Tara O’Brien, Kristinahader, Eve Saint Ramon, Hakase420 and more. Totally worth checking it out!

These new images of and by women are filling a critical gap in the stock photography market — designers want unique photos that buck gender stereotypes and appeal to female consumers (which is especially critical given that women make 85 percent of all consumer purchases). Journalists are looking for stock images that can accompany stories about social change and the real lives of women.
Adobe Stock: The Female CreatorAdobe Stock: Adobe Stock: The Female CreatorAdobe Stock: The Female CreatorAdobe Stock: The Female Creator

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  • Tara O’Brien
  • Kristinahader
  • Eve Saint Ramon
  • Hakase420


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