Animator takes on Acrylic : Pete Oswald's Westside

Pete Oswald, a super talented animator by day who has worked on such 3D stop-motion animated films as last year's ParaNorman and Hotel Transylvania, is also a darn good artist on the side. Pete recently showcased some work from his latest side project as part of the "Ghosts and All" art show at LA's WWA Gallery. We were definitely taken by the moodiness of Pete's portrayal of Santa Monica and in particular, specific landmarks around Pete's neighborhood.

Pete's latest series features acrylic on wood paneling and creatively captures the beachy, overcast vibe of Santa Monica in the summertime or in my case, San Francisco year round. I'm absolutely loving the composition, monochromatic tone and overall mood Pete sets and am envisioning a triptych in my own home immediately if not sooner. One can be yours too as all original paintings are available for purchase online.

Check out more work by Pete here

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Ibby Sasso

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