Artwork Feature #4: Magomed Dovjenko - Brooklyn Machine Works


This is part of our new series of posts. Here we feature a selected piece of art and have a little chat with the designer who made it. They give us a bit of background information and details about how the work was conceptualized and created.

This week's pick is Magomed Dovjenkos "Brooklyn Machine Works". It's a black and white illustration for a Brooklyn based bike company. Mr. Dovjenko sat down exclusively for Abduzeedo and wrote about the background of the image exclusively. Enjoy.

Artwork Feature #3: Magomed Dovjenko - Brooklyn Machine Works

Magomed Dovjenko about "Brookly Machine Works":

When I first heard about the project, I was really excited about it, knowing this would be seen by a lot important people and that pharrell also owns a part of the brand, that really made me work hard on it. I directly had the vision of some raw, steam gear looking shit, just something that 'showcases' the power of machines - like really hard stuff - so I think I oriented my work on that and tried to bang out something real massive.

Talking with the art Directors of the KDU, they wanted to push me as far as possible skill and look wise, but at the same time mantain a commercial look - with an artsy and raw twist. I straight off started as usual in Illustrator without sketching or anything, just freestyling, thats how I mostly do it. Slowly, it was shaping up and getting stronger and stronger by every detail I added - I believe that the devil is in the details - and by saying that, I love details. So I was trying to keep the balance between art and commercial art and succeeded with it in my opinion.

After showing the Art Director every now and then what I had, he tried to push me more and more so the final artwork would be really strong and suitable for the project, which in the end, it was.

Both, the KDU and Brooklyn Machine Works were as I got told, absolutely loving it, and I was more than happy to hear that. :).

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