Awesome Motion Designs by Dan Filip Radu


As the web evolves and fast internet connections are becoming more affordable, video is getting quite popular and really helping to improve the user experience in terms of entertainment, with the so-called "WOW factor". That's the case of Dan Filip Radu, a Motion Graphic and 3D Animator from Toronto, with some really amazing animations.

My name is Dan Filip Radu and I'm a motion graphics/3D animator freelancer from Toronto. I just re-design and updated my website and demoreel : My portfolio includes : re-branding for Teletoon/Detour, CTV News promos and TV spots for Sick Kids Lottery, Safeway, Bell, SoloMobile, Smirnoff - just to name a few.

We really recommend that you visit the Philipstudios site, and be prepared to spend some time watching and get inspired by those really cool clips.

Reel 2009

Philipstudios | Dan Filip Radu | ShowReel 2009 from Dan Filip Radu on Vimeo.

Some Works

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Fabio Sasso

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