Awesome PlayStation Store Web Design by Julian Kraske

Julian Kraske is a designer from Frankfurt, Germany and he shared a super awesome web design project on his Behance profile. It's the redesign for the PlayStation Store. There are so many cool things to say about it but I will start by highlighting the clean and light theme. I feel that most game stores tend to be dark, which is usually associated with hardcore and stereotyped gamers. In reality there are so many people playing video-games that it seems to be smart to make a theme friendlier. That's exactly what Julian did.

Another important things to highlight is the bold typography, generous whitespace and long shadows. I know those are quite trendy web design attributes but that is how the industry moves and in my opinion Julian was able to balance things pretty well. I am not sure about the search results though, I feel that vertical list is always better for displaying search results.

Web design


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