Best of the Week #5


If you're a traveler, read this article from Zen Habits about what to bring on your baggage. This week we had the release of Safari 3.1 and we got to know that Flickr will soon be uploading videos!

Besides that, we had 2 articles making frontpage on Digg, bringing us almost 90.000 visits in a single day. Thanks every one that is helping us to reach numbers like that. And Happy Easter!! Take care.

FRIDAY 03/21

36 Great Tips for Keeping Travel as Simple as Possible (and Two Poems)



Writing Things Down (WTD): 13 Reasons To Switch Back To Paper Today


Brian Dettmer's insanely creative Book Autopsies

The Evolution of Websites: How 10 Popular Websites Have (And Have Not) Changed

5 Ways to Double your Rates — and Justify Doing So


Vintage Logotypes

Safari 3.1 Released

Puffy Bookmark

10 Websites That use JavaScript Animation Effectively!!

Atari | Since 1972


Laptop Sleeves, Skins and Stickers

MONDAY 03/17


Question your work

10 ways to improve your programming productivity

Video Coming To Flickr Soon. Really.

12 Ways to Tap Into an Endless Well of Creativity

Beer Flags

Nikolay Saveliev: Pop Matters

Heartbeat Bookshelf

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