"Canicule" Series: Illustrations by Raphaëlle Martin

In honor of the blistering, record-breaking heat we're experiencing out West we were inspired to post these charming illustrations by Freiburg, Germany based illustrator and animator Raphaëlle Martin aptly titled "Canicule" translating to "dog days." The Bay Area has never seen heat like this before and without any AC we're channeling these lovely illustrations and transporting ourselves to that pool, cocktail in hand, for a much needed respite. We love the minimal and solitary nature of Raphaelle's illustrations delivering an opportunity for the viewer to interpret as their own favorite spot to seek relief from the dog days of summer. Enjoy and be sure to check Raphaëlle's site for a complete glimpse into this talented creative's portfolio of artistic delights.


Written by

Ibby Sasso

Wife, mom, "writer", pun lover, wannabe memory champion, candle and handwriting connoisseur. Public Relations veteran, most recently as director of PR, I oversaw global strategic communications for one of the most iconic American brands, Levi's. I like to travel and talk :P

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