Case Study of The Wild Trail

Dreino Studio from Indonesia created an amazing project and case study just to show what they are capable of. Check out the process and the video of how everything was done. Enjoy!

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Case Study of The Wild Trail

The Wild Trail

There was an interesting process in making this artwork. We have to make a mock-up of the mountains as the property for the photo shoot. We make our own out of Styrofoam and shape it to resemble a cluster of mountains, valleys and rivers as you can see. When the mock-up was ready, we go to the photography process. First, We take photos of the mock-up, then just take a picture of shoes that have been customized on the lighting and angles in order to later be fitted when entering Digital Imaging process. When entering the Digital Imaging process, we add small elements to make it increasingly real. Simultaneously, in this process we do retouching and color correction in all its parts in order to make it look more attractive in terms of look and tone. All The process takes quite a long time, but we were very happy when seeing the end result.


Case Study of The Wild TrailCase Study of The Wild TrailCase Study of The Wild Trail


Case Study of The Wild Trail

Case Study of The Wild Trail

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