Colorado Visual Identity by Berger & Föhr


Yesterday thanks to a tweet from @brunoberger I saw this fantastic branding work done for Colorado state by Berger & Föhr. They were selected to participate in Making Colorado and to contribute to the creation of a new Colorado state identity and ultimately, a new visual Colorado brand, with the goal of “bringing to life an engaging and resilient Colorado brand that will inspire our residents, unite our state programs and attract businesses, talent and tourists from around the globe.” The case study they share on their web site is a mandatory read for those trying to learn or improve their branding skills. For enthusiasts, it's an amazing source of inspiration.

The Challenge

"Colorado is our home. It’s a beautiful place, simultaneously wild and technologically forward – diverse, and boasting a rich history. Shaped in equal measures by Mother Nature and its residents our great state embodies exploration, expansion, and opportunity while commanding a respect for the environment and highlighting a need for responsible resource management and conservation... the challenge of “bringing to life an engaging, resilient and distinctive Colorado brand,” capable of inspiring our residents, uniting our state programs, attracting businesses, talent and tourists from around the globe, is not a simple one. We chose to focus on achieving an approachable simplicity while creating a cohesive and aspirational visual state brand evoking all that Colorado has to offer." - Berger & Föhr

Case Study

There are many more images and information about each step of the process. It's again a fantastic example of branding and visual identity work from the Berger & Föhr team.

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