Decrypted Savants

There are some work that is really hard for me to describe due the amount of details and complexity, a good example is the project Decrypted Savants by Samuel Gomez. The mix of graphite, ink and acrylic on paper with some intricate illustration is simply mind-blowing. The details and gradients are simply amazing and that's why we are sharing this with you.

Samuel Gomez is an artist and designer based in New York. Gomez’s style embodies a ‘hybrid surreal-steampunk’ aesthetic marked by an extensive usage of universal semiotics and contemporary allegories to science, socioeconomic, sustainability issues, but more importantly_‘The Future of Automation’ and where it might be taking us. Gomez drafts his narratives into worlds made of highly elaborated machine-like entanglements, where all events and outcomes are intricately linked.

For more information about Samuel check out his website at

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