Electrifying Digital Art for Rock in Rio Music Festival

Raphael FS shared a quite awesome digital art project on his Behance profile. It's a project for the Rock in Rio festival, which is a super popular music event that started in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Raphael was in charge of doing post-production for one of the artworks provided by the agency Estúdio Ícone. He mentions that he started with that one but ended up recreating all of them to give a new look for the campaign. It's a quite awesome set of artwork, it brings me back the early 2000s when I was really into light effects and creating things like that in Photoshop. Of course this is way better than anything I could have made.

I also recommend you to check out Raphael's full portfolio. He is a Brazilian designer and digital artist based in Rio de Janeiro with some beautiful work. For more information visit: http://www.raphaelfs.com/

Digital Art


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