Graphic Design: Exotic Destinations On Earth Illustrations

Exotic Destinations On Earth is a graphic design project created and shared by JIMMI TUAN and Bratus ™. The idea was to create a calendar and gift for students to get confident for an ESL english test. The restult is a set of beautiful illustrations about the most exotic destinations in our planet. From the desert to rout 66, there are many well-known and not so popular places, but the style and composition of the graphic design pieces are top notch. Below you can see them all. 

Project description

Premium IELTS is an online English preparation course, helping Planet’s student take the IELTS test with confidence. Bratus was asked to come up with an idea for the Calendar as an Appreciation Gift . These special presents will be gratefully handed to each students when they enroll in the course. Live. Study. Explore. In collaboration and discussion with clients, Bratus come up with a concept of opening opportunities to students successfully achieving high scores in future IELTS examination . Exotic Destinations on earth is a collection of various Minimal Illustrations. Through Geometry, in combination of lighting and shadow, We would like to take readers on a Journey of Mystery Places, from the immense dessert to the deepest cave

Graphic design


  • Creative Director / Art Direction: Jimmi Tuan 
  • Project Lead / Senior Graphic Designer: Trang Pham
  • Illustration: Trang Pham, Tonbui 
  • Support Designer: Huynh Co
  • Account: Thanh Diem, Hien Nguyen
  • Client: IELTS Planet
  • Design Agency: Bratus 

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