How to Create a Radical Photo Sequence

On this tutorial I will be showing how to make a radical sequence just like the ones I posted last week. It's very simple and easy and after you read this you can go out and make your own sequence and become inspiration for those who never done it.

Ok guys, so the first two things you will need to make your own radical sequence will be a digital camera and a radical friend or a radical stranger will also work hehe. In order to make it happen your camera has to have what it's called "Burst Mode" that's the mode that the camera takes sequence shots. In my case I used my old Canon PowerShot S500, it's just a regular hand camera but it has an excellent burst mode that takes 2 frames per second and keep taking shots for as long as you hold the button. Some cameras don't have this option which sucks, some have a limited amount of shots, but a lot of them do have it so that's the first step for our tutorial, to get a camera that can do what we need. Here is a preview of my camera and I highlighted the burst mode icon to help you find yours.

Ok, after you have that, do a couple tests to see how everything works and now we are going to need that radical friend of yours, in my case I used my best friend in one of our snowboard trips. To take a good sequence of photos you have to find the perfect spot where you can get all the action without having to move the camera, if you have a tripod I suggest using it because it will make the post work a lot easier. We choose a spot where he could make a small jump and i try to place myself where I could get all the action without moving the camera, and I didn't have a tripod to use so what I like doing when holding the camera is to lock my elbows in to my body to get in a steady position to take the shots. Here are the shots I took.

Now that I have the photo sequence I wanted, my work with the camera is done and it's time to hit the photoshop. The process is very simple, if you take your photos on a tripod you will have the same exactly scene for every photo so will make everything a lot easier, I didn't do that so you can see the difference on the background if you go through my photos. First I opened the two first photos on photoshop having the first photo on the bottom layer, this first photo will be my base for all the others, so on the second photo I made a simple rectangular selection, make sure you get the person and the shadow (very important not to forget the shadow)

Now just click on layer mask, so only the part you selected will show as you see here:

Noticed that the second photo is not exactly in place according to the background of the first photo.

To fix that you need to move the top layer so it will fit exactly with the background (notice if you had taken the photos with a tripod that wouldn't be necessary)

Now that the second photo is in the right place we just need to adjust the layer mask to make the both photos look like one, to do that you need to go on layer mask and paint the edges black so it will disappear. I highlighted on red the area that you should paint black on your layer mask

and here is the result done after doing it on the layer mask, as you can see it looks pretty good.

Now we will continue to do the same process with all the other photos, put your 3rd photo on top of the second one, select the person and the shadow and follow all the others steps, when you done doing it all you will have your radical sequence, here is mine final sequence, feel free to use my photos to try it out.

Here is what you final layer should look like.

Download the Photoshop file

Download source file

After you got everything done you can work on the photo itself, to make it look even better, I hope that explained very well how to create your sequence, if you have any questions or need any help just ask on the comments, and I will be glad to help.