Bullish, a Stock Market Newsletter & Awesome Side Project

Three months ago, Eduardo Sasso turned his obsession in the stock market into a side project and launched Bullish. Bullish is a newsletter that delivers stock market insights to your inbox every morning. 

From idea to prototyping to launching, it took him two weeks to get the newsletter up and running. You can check more details about the whole process here. My part in the project? I'm married to Eduardo, and I'm his "project manager do it all PR person," so we talked about the idea every day for a good chunk of time. And still do.

Eduardo is still a big email believer and has an extensive amount of newsletters that he reads every morning. And that was one of the principles that sparked the idea to make Bullish. The concept that if he still loves newsletters, more people out there also do. 

The concept was already in his head, and he just needed to deliver it. So he got to work. Eduardo is an engineer who also loves the design behind every product he does. And he is also extremely picky about aesthetics, so even though he was not that happy with the first website design, we launched it anyway. We had to put the idea out there to see the response. 

Here is Bullish 1

The newsletter itself was always a beauty. From the get-go, the beautiful aesthetic was already there, so we didn't need to worry much. It was simple, straightforward forward and clear, as we envisioned.

We offer a few different combinations of stock market insights in our newsletter. We rotate some data as international markets, top gainers, top losers, sectors, etc. Here are a few versions of it.

The response we had was terrific, and we quickly got 1,000 subscribers. The reaction we got was so good that we started thinking about the next step of the project, which was already in the backburner. A stage that would involve a paid subscription and would request our website to be more robust. And that was the perfect excuse to work on a new design for our landing page. 

New Design


The new website is certainly making us proud. A single page design with all the information we need with the visual we wanted. Something we are pleased to show and present like our product. 

There are still things to work on Bullish, and we will develop the idea even further. But for now, we are enjoying the results and working on spreading the word about our newsletter. 

During this process, the lessons we learned are that if you have an idea popping in your head all the time, ship it. You can validate your idea first and improve things later. Please don't wait too long to act on that itch and go for it. Regret the things you did and not the ones you didn't.

And subscribe to our newsletter. ;) 

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