A classic & modern brand identity for Pflege&Co

Unifikat Design Studio is a graphic design studio based in Warsaw, Poland, we are featuring the brand identity they shared on Behance for Pflege&Co. It's an insurance company located in Germany, nevertheless to say the entire brand identity is lovely. First of all, it's becoming rare seeing studios specializing only in graphic design bringing excellence into their client projects. Imagine creating a classic & a modern take on what is been done for many years, it's a delightful challenge to take on. I just love how the presentation shares first its identity but also a play on how they present. Make sure to follow Unifikat for more of their works.

We created a custom font to reflect the brand's personality. The symbol is inspired in classic monograms, conserving a modern look. Combination of quality paper stock with a stamp printing technique. All items in the stationery were considered to maximum attention to detail.

Brand Identity & Graphic Design

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