LYNK & CO: now available on the Market in Record Time!

About a year ago, we went to the international car launch of LYNK & CO in Berlin, Germany. They are now releasing their first car in China, the Model 01 (shown in the gallery). Designed and engineered in Sweden, the Model 01 went to pre-sale on November 17th. 6000 cars were sold in less than three minutes, this is the fastest selling SUV in the World. Bringing their brand with connectivity with a sharing function and the world’s first in-car share button, to wireless charging and a dedicated LYNK & CO apps store.

In their words

LYNK & CO has abandoned the traditional automotive concept of base models, entry points and endless options lists. Inspired by fashion and technology, trim levels and optional extras have been replaced with a simple selection of fully equipped, one price collections:

We announced the birth of Lynk & Co almost exactly one year ago. Now, just 12 months later, we start sales of our connected and shareable 01 SUV in record fashion. Online we have replicated the in-store experience and simplicity of choice with our unique ‘explorator’ carousel. Just stop on the car you like and subscribe online – it’s as simple as that, as Chinese customers have proven during our pre-sale event.

Designed and engineered by an international team in Gothenburg, Sweden, Lynk & Co has a European heart and soul, and a refreshing approach to the automotive sector as a new urban mobility brand. Personalised services, an open API (Application Programming Interface – the first in automotive to be ‘open’), unrivalled connectivity, vehicle sharing, ecommerce, simple, subscription-based ownership, and the first dedicated app store for cars – these are the key offerings of Lynk & Co.

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LYNK & CO Model 01

LYNK & CO: now available on the Market in Record Time!LYNK & CO: now available on the Market in Record Time!LYNK & CO: now available on the Market in Record Time!


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