LYNK & CO - Share Mode UI/UX

What I particularly like about LYNK & CO philosophy, approach and business model are the fact that is more than just a car. There’s a definitive mindset behind this brand to be wide open as an open source to creation and collaboration. Some of us might think that CO from LYNK & CO would mean company but it actually means Co:operation, Co:mmunity and Co:nnection. We gotta that play of words!

That being said, the car itself would have connectivity features like: Shareable Locks (meaning there will be no key), Start your car from your phone and all to be intended into what they called: Share Mode. I am pretty sure as being an open source, there will be more cool features coming from third parties. As we are well-aware that being giving freedom is an open door to greater things.

Some Words

While other car brands struggle with their digital transformation, our brand is born digital. The lack of legacy systems and the ability to build solutions in the cloud enables us to depart from the old model of car sales and service to bring the customer seamlessly through an omnichannel platform, with intuitive interaction at every touchpoint – from researching and purchase and all the way through the owning, sharing, serving and re-selling of a car - David Green, Chief Digital Officer of LYNK & CO.

LYNK & CO sets out from the start to be open to outside innovation and aims to be the first organisation in the world to leverage a complete commercial platform, in order to bring innovative applications and services to the customer. LYNK & CO have collaborated closely with Microsoft and Alibaba to build a whole new digital customer infrastructure for the car industry with new digital order, supply, sales and CRM systems and custom applications for user interaction. Ericsson and LYNK & CO have teamed up to create the latest car connectivity cloud. The digital platform will feature an open API and is entended to instigate for endless opportunities to personalize, enriche and expand the automobile experience.

LYNK & CO - Share Mode UI/UX
LYNK & CO - Share Mode UI/UXLYNK & CO - Share Mode UI/UXLYNK & CO - Share Mode UI/UXLYNK & CO - Share Mode UI/UXLYNK & CO - Share Mode UI/UX

Share model. An innovation unique to LYNK & CO car models are shareable locks. Physical locks will only be needed as a backup for a LYNK & CO car. Both open and start is done via Radio Frequency Identity and digital encryption. As a result, it is possible for anyone to register for a LYNK & CO identity which will entitle them to a digital lock. Owners of LYNK & CO cars will be able to add additional locks to their cars, enabling friends, family or service staff to drive their car. To demonstrate this functionality, LYNK & CO have invented a share mode. A button which enables the owner to make their car available to use for a specific time. This could enable people in an apartment block to share a number of cars instead of needing one car each or for an owner to generate rental income. Requests, payments and all customer relations will be seamlessly managed in LYNK & CO’s digital platform.

About LYNK & CO


LYNK & CO is a brand from Geely Auto Group, a subsidiary of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group – the owner of Volvo Cars and London Taxi Company. Geely Auto Group is one of China’s largest car manufacturers.

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