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The book suggestion of this week is about mobile design and development. I started reading the book but haven't finished yet, however I can say that the parts I read were really good, not only because some of my favorite authors wrote them but they are easy to read, very motivating and provide us some great insights from professionals with deep knowledge of the field. So the book I am talking about is the new Smashing Magazine Book titled The Mobile Book.

Our brand new printed Mobile Book features the most important things that you need to know as a designer, developer or mobile strategist for your websites. You’ll dive deep into the peculiarities of the mobile industry, explore responsive design strategy, design patterns and optimization techniques, learn about wireframing and prototyping for mobile as well as the guidelines for designing with gestures and touch... - Smashing Magazine

Full Product Description

The future is mobile. As more and more people are turning to mobile devices, designers and developers are facing new challenges and opportunities. Web design has to adapt. But before it can do so, we have to do our homework — understand the new medium and discover the right techniques and tools to design for it. Our brand new Mobile Book serves exactly this purpose.

When it comes to mobile, there are more open questions than definitive answers. Due to its fragmentation, it's not so easy to understand how mobile market looks and works in general. How to pick the right mobile strategy and select the right approach for your website? What design patterns and what UX techniques can assist you to design quicker and better for mobile devices? What design patterns do you need to be aware when building responsive websites and to optimize the performance for mobile? When you design with mobile in mind, how exactly should your design process be different from traditional design workflow?

Our new book attempts to answer these questions. Well-known experts such as Peter-Paul Koch, Stephanie Rieger, Trent Walton, Brad Frost, Dave Olsen, Josh Clark and Remy Sharp have contributed to the book to present the most relevant and valuable insights. - Smashing Magazine


  • Jeremy Keith
  • Peter-Paul Koch
  • Stephanie Rieger
  • Trent Walton
  • Brad Frost
  • Dave Olsen
  • Dennis Kardys
  • Josh Clark

Books are always a great gift to give to our friends and to ourselves. Besides that, books, like the Smashing Magazine, help the design community to strive and evolve. We here over at Abduzeedo support not only Smashing Magazine but all designers and enthusiasts that help us to move forward

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