Interview with Young Artist Saad Moosajee

With only 15 years of life and full of talent, the British Saad Moosajee give us an exclusive interview where he talks about his works, the influences he had at the beginning of his journey and much more, check it out!

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Let's start with the usual, introduce your self to our readers.

Hey, I'm Saad Moosajee, a self taught 15 year old artist hailing from England who is currently living in America. I'm a big fan of sports, music, and art in particular.

You still very young, how did you manage to teach yourself everything you know?

Mainly a trial and error process. I use roughly 3 programs; Photoshop, Cinema 4D and Poser occasionally. I didn't know any decent tutorial sites when I started so as far as learning the technical aspects of the programs I would just keep trying artistically. I also learned a lot by looking at surrealist & futuristic painters work like H.R Giger & Salvador Dali.

So do you think the influences of surrealism you had while trying to learn more, reflects on the work you do today?

Yea, partially. I am still pretty influenced by surrealists like Dali and Magritte but less than I was before. These days I get more inspired by my surroundings, especially tagging & graffiti and artists like Banksy.

You definitely define a style by the influences you have and that took you to work with some top clients, how did you get your first big job?

My first job was for a exhibition called tiger translate, which was produced by the tiger beer company from Singapore. The exhibition was global and curated by They contacted me via email so I am not exactly sure how they found me. However, when you start out freelancing its always best to send your work to as many agencies & potential clients as possible, that may help get that first big job.

Besides getting big jobs you also part one of the biggest art groups of today, how did you become part of slashthree?

I am actually the creative director of slashTHREE currently and have been for over 2 years. One of my good friends started the site in April 2007, and when I was just starting out I applied to become an artist. In August after submitting a few works and becoming more involved I asked to become creative director at the time we were still very small and being creative director wasn't really a big deal as we only had three exhibitions. Since then me and the rest of the staff worked hard and 2 years later we are producing some high quality exhibitions every 3-4 months, and recently finished our first book which you can find out about here slashTHREE Expressions Book

Describe us your work on slashthree as a creative director.

In winter of 2007 was when we started getting more serious. We began working on v3 of the site and with it planned to expand heavily on what we already had. My job then was to find suitable artists to add to the team and curate packs. Shortly after the release of our v3 in August followed by our first big exhibition Odyssey we began getting more attention. From there my work shifted to mainly focus on curating the exhibitions, managing artist relations, applications, and outside projects such as our book.

Do you have any upcoming projects we should know about?

I recently completed a piece for the 2009 desktopography exhibition that will be released very soon, in addition to that, I've got some stuff coming in relation to the Keystone Design Union. You can also expect to see more stuff regarding slashthree and you will see it for sale on soon I hope.

Ok Saad, thank you very much for this interview and I'll leave the last words for you.

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