Wallpaper of the Week by Archan Nair

The wallpaper of this week is an amazing image created by Archan Nair a self developed visual artist, illustrator and Art Director from New Delhi specializing in mixed media, illustration, and digital art. Archan's passion and love for the creative process and expressing himself has opened a whole new journey, where he is exploring the beautiful essence of life.

For more information visit http://archann.net/

Archan is inspired by various phases and forms of life to create highly intricate works that connect the various dimensions of our existence. Formerly a fashion major and entrepreneur, Archan started painting in 2006 at the age of 24 and made the shift to independent artist in 2007. Since then he has embarked on an exhilarating and inspirational journey, collaborating with various companies and individuals around the world such as Canon, Nike, Tiger Beer, Sony etc. Archan has been featured in various publications including Computer Arts, Digital Arts, Advanced Photoshop, GQ, Bak, Vanity Fair, and has achieved recognition from music artists like Kanye West.

Abduzeedo's wallpaper of the week by Archan Nair
Desktop Version

Abduzeedo's iPad wallpaper of the week by Archan Nair
iPad Version

Abduzeedo's iPhone wallpaper of the week by Archan Nair
iPhone Version


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