Cool Hotels: Hotel Zetta San Francisco

We're as excited to write this post as we are that a new hotel has finally cropped up in San Francisco's SoMa district. Hotel Zetta, the newest sibling to the Viceroy Group's Urban Retreat collection, boasts everything the modern day creative class could ever ask for and beyond. Sustainable architecture at the forefront, you'll also find wireless streaming via Obsess G-Link Connect in all guest rooms and a mezzanine level "playroom" replete with a shuffleboard table and the latest innovations in gaming.

The most enticing asset, the mezzanine offers up the perfect spot for locals and visitors to mix and mingle in a creative and inspiring atmosphere. To add a little San Francisco touch, look no further than the ornate chandeliers crafted from recycled eyeglasses. We see your next vacation and it's at Hotel Zetta. Pun absolutely intended.

"Effortlessly fusing sophisticated and cutting-edge aesthetics with state-of-the-art amenities, Hotel Zetta is an urban retreat, ideally located for connection authentically with San Francisco's leading cultural, entrepreneurial and tech-savvy communities." - Hotel Zetta

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