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Website for cars used to be bad, well some still are quite average, but there are some brands stepping up their web design game and creating truly beautiful experiences. Mixing motion, gorgeous imagery Mazda USA is a great example of this combination. Miles Cartwright the lead designer and art director shared some images and videos of the UI design on his Behance profile that definitely deserve the feature here.

Mazda's Brand Essence is “Celebrate Driving”. “Celebrate Driving” delivered by Mazda is not just about driving performance. Choosing a Mazda prizes the owner with confidence and pride. Driving a Mazda leading up to urge to take on new challenges. Not just our products but every encounter with Mazda evokes the emotion of motion and makes customers' hearts beat with excitement. All of these are contained in our brand essence of “Celebrate Driving”.

The project was created at Mirum with Lead Design and Art Direction of Miles Cartwright, Lead UX Design Eric Rulona, Associate Designers Junior Rivera and Creative Director Paul Drohan.

UI design

UI Design for the new Mazda websiteUI Design for the new Mazda websiteUI Design for the new Mazda websiteUI Design for the new Mazda website

UI in motion

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