Introducing Adobe Creative Residents for 2017-2018

Adobe is introducing the latest creative residents for 2017. Imagine getting the opportunity to spend an entire year working on a personal project with provided tools, resources, guidance and etc? That would be great right? Well, this is what Adobe's Residency program is all about. With the goal to create a positive impact in both the creative community and around the world; we are introduced to six new creatives that are ready to take on this journey. Let's meet them!

What is the Residency? It's a package where the residents can get access to creative tools, resources, even guidance from advisors and a compensation package. Everything in a goal to proactively pursues a personal project and at the same time sharing its process, insights, and inspiration with the community. Wanna try to be the next resident? You can learn more via Adobe Blogs.

The Adobe Creative Residency empowers talented individuals to spend a year focusing on a personal creative project while sharing their experience and process with the creative community. Adobe is proud to introduce the 2017 residents — up and coming creative leaders who are eager to share their creativity with others.

In their words

This year’s Creative Residents, spanning from Seattle to Munich, will pursue a range of artistic mediums from leveraging tools from traditional photography to designing user-interface programs. Meet the 2017-2018 Creative Residents:

Introducing Adobe Creative Residents for 2017-2018Aundre Larrow

Aundre Larrow is a Brooklyn, New York-based photographer who will create a project called “Echo Chamber,” which will connect Americans and their geographic locations to identity and values by documenting with photography, video, and audio.


Introducing Adobe Creative Residents for 2017-2018Chelsea Burton

Chelsea Burton is a designer from Erie, Pennsylvania, who will create her own line of signature longboards, focusing on material sustainability and quality, as well as her artwork messaging.


Introducing Adobe Creative Residents for 2017-2018Jessica Bellamy

Jessica Bellamy a Louisville, Kentucky-based graphic designer will bring together her design talents and her passion for social justice and social impact and will create a toolkit for non-profits to tell their stories.


Introducing Adobe Creative Residents for 2017-2018Julia Nimke

Julia Nimke is a Berlin, Germany-based photography passionate traveler who will examine the natural world through Europe’s four seasons and document the changing light through a variety of photographic techniques.


Introducing Adobe Creative Residents for 2017-2018Natalie Lew

Natalie Lew is a Seattle, Washington-based UX/UI designer who will crafting an open-source toolkit aimed at equipping designers with resources to make positive, interdisciplinary impact on both small and large scales.


Introducing Adobe Creative Residents for 2017-2018Rosa Kammermeier

Rosa Kammermeier graphic and letterhead designer based in Munich, Germany plans to design messages of positivity and happiness in urban environments wants to bring happiness and positivity to people’s lives in urban environments and stop pedestrians in their tracks by powerful design.



Via Adobe Blogs

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