Digital Art and Distorted Perspectives by Aeforia

It's amazing how some styles and trends come and go. I remember in the 80s and early 90s when digital arts and CGI were at their infancy and one of the common themes were these surrealistic environments with 3D representations of people, most of the time with metallic or chrome look. It was all about that and then it evolved to something less futuristic, more graphical and dirtier. Probably heavily inspired by the movie titles of S7VEN, if you can remember that. Anyways, I have seen more and more people playing with 3D tools and creating images that bring back that nostalgia feeling I mentioned before. Aeforia, a digital artist I feature on this post illustrates that quite well with the digital art work below. 

By focusing on different perceptions of the world that we live in... Aeforia is a digital artist, graphic designer and photographer based in Montreal, Canada. His work is inspired by nature surrounding him, space, geometry and distorted perspectives. "By focusing on different perceptions of the world that we live in, I hope that the viewer can be pulled in the surreal sceneries I create." - he mentions on his Behace page. 

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