Fernando Laposse's Totomoxtle wins first Future Food Design Award at Dutch Design Week

We're excited to celebrate Totomoxtle, the first Future Food Design Award winner at Dutch Design Week. The genius behind Totomoxtle is Fernando Laposse who demonstrates precisely what the Future Food Design Award is all about: developing new designs that challenge our preconceptions about food, ranging from food production to gastronomic culture.

Totomoxtle derives its inspiration from the relationship between Mexico and corn, by developing a new material that displays the natural, colorful diversity of corn. The process is actually quite simple: corn husks are flattened and stuck together, which allows the product to be cut into ready-to-use tiles for use as a fine veneer for flooring or marquetry. Totomoxtle is not only a new, sustainable material; through this project, Laposse hopes to engender greater awareness for the uncertain future of farmers and their traditional harvesting methods in a modern world. 

 “Winning both the awards is priceless, not just for me but for the whole community in which it will be invested. But in order to think of our future of food, we first need to work on food equality for everyone.” - Fernando Laposse


KZ7A7232 for web




totomoxtle tile wallfor web

totomoxtle tile detail 4 low restotomoxtle tile detail low res





About Fernando Laposse

Industrial designer Fernando Laposse (1988) was born in France and grew up in Mexico. He completed his formal education at the Central Saint Martins public tertiary art school in London. Through his work, he aims to draw attention to home production methods and DIY culture. Fernando strives to transform materials that are cheap, easily obtainable and often considered to be waste. He does this by making cross-overs between product design and gastronomy. His projects question systematic thinking, our consumption patterns and the politics of food production.

About the Future Food Design Awards

This competition aims to shine a spotlight on designs that challenge food-related topics, ranging from gastronomic culture to our food chain. Our treatment of land, freshwater reserves, the impact of agriculture on our climate and the use of scarce resources are food security concerns shared all across the globe. Migration, technology, eating habits, and the way food is consumed in contemporary households could also be among the themes thus addressed. This international incentive award puts innovative and disruptive designs for a sustainable food future in the spotlight.


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