Elegant Editorial Design for Typoforma Issue No. 1

Firman Suci Ananda and Zulfan Iskandar are designers from Indonesia and they shared this very inspiring graphics and editorial design post on their Behance profile. It is titled "Typoforma - Issue No.1" and as you can see by its name, the focus is pretty much on typography and composition. You might ask me, this looks like any other editorial post. You are right, however, this post, in particular, illustrates quite well the direction I believe the web is going to. If you pay attention to these pictures you will automatically create some comparisons with the web design work we shared here in the past from Dribbble and other publications.

So for this post, I just wanted to share a bit more of these beautiful editorial design work and hope they can serve as inspiration for your next project, hopefully, you can start translating this style to the web, even responsive.

Editorial design

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