Side Projects: Mean Postcards to Send to Your Ex

One day when contemplating a particularly awful break-up, lettering artist and illustrator Jessica Molina came up with an idea—what if she could send her ex a nasty letter? Better yet, what if she could create a series for all the frustrating exes of the world? Thus, her passion project Petty Postcards was born. I love side/passion projects, I love lettering and I love this idea even more, especially in this moment we live. There's nothing better than using our time to create something, rather than just opinions and sometimes hate. Kudos to Jessica!

Besides having a creative outlet for her emotions, Jessica wants the project to let other frustrated, single, 30-something women like herself know that they are not alone—and that it's totally okay to feel disheartened and angry. She is a big believer in speaking one’s mind and finding the humor in any situation, and she hopes that the project can make others find some joy in the darkest moments.


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