Photographic Masterpieces by Kim Høltermand


If you’re not familiar with the work of Kim Høltermand you need to be. His photographic masterpieces scream of minimalism and moody tones. His work is extremely distinct and really has an epic style. If you’re a fan of photography this is one for you!

Kim grew up in the suburbs of Copenhagen and throughout his childhood grew an interest in drawing. He had drawn from an early age but hadn’t taken art seriously until he got to college. Kim worked as a graphic designer while his interest in photography grew. He got his first SLR only a couple years ago and things have really taken off for Kim since that moment. Kim specializes in architectural photography. In a quote from himself “I heart Architecture”. Aside from architecture Kim also takes some really amazing nature and landscape photos, and has been thinking recently about beginning a to work with film. Here are some of his amazing works!

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