Product Design: Oneware

I truly believe that designers are taking a huge space in the development and continuity of technology all around. I am not trying to make us feel like superheroes because we are definitely far away from being that. That being said, I do support, believe and encourage designers that have a forward thinking at making/creating products that can definitely change our everyday life and even the World. We would love to present the work of Lim Loren and his splendid product that are objects for one handed usage in the kitchen, check it out!

Amptuees, people born with one arm, patients suffering from stroke and temporary injuries often face difficulties when using with daily objects due to the limitations of one functioning hand. Kitchenware is one of the most common ranges of products that they faced challenges with due to the frequency of usage.

About Lim Loren

Lim is an industrial designer at the National University of Singapore. Having a mindset to invest his efforts at making projects that enable others to accomplish themselves which is in the end totally fulfilling.


Disabled People's Association (Singapore) and SGenable, Ms Jorain Ng, Mr Muhammad Afiq, Mr Michael Tay and Tommye-K. Mayer

Thesis Supervisor: Song Kee Hong
All NUS DID Lecturers and Class of 2016

More information via Behance.

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