Product Design: The Super 73

The more and more I dig projects and research about  Product Design, the more it all started with a problem. With a problem always comes with a solution, this is where it usually begins. Some products aren't born from a problem but with a concept of a lifestyle inspired by the past. Well, let us introduce the The Super 73 by Lithium Cycles that made an electric bike. A rad inspiration from the iconic Moped. Check out their Kickstarter!

The idea started in 2015 while our co-founder Jon Akers was finishing his Masters of Engineering at Lehigh University. We love bikes and our goal was to create a new kind of electric bike with cutting edge technology while looking at the past for design inspiration. Motorcycles, mopeds and mini bikes of the 1970's drew our attention as durable, fun and timeless. Now located in Southern California, we've got a 4000 sq ft manufacturing space of our very own and are ready to crank out the Super 73', our ebike inspired by the 70's.


About Lithium Cycles

A team of four people who have worked with Honda, Yahoo, P&G and various bike and scooter startups as well as electronic companies. Currently based in Southern California, USA.

Check out their Kickstarter:

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