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Futuristic Sci-Fi Sets by _DOFRESH_

Summer is slowly fading into the season of fall, the weather is getting somehow colder, the mornings are more chill. As we are welcoming a new term, we also embrace the 'rain'.

Paper crafting by Tommy Perez

Let me introduce you to Tommy Perez's paper crafting. His papercraft catches my eye where I had to stop to have a closer look at it, won't you?

Collection of 3D Art & Shapes

We have featured the work of Deep Yellow before on abdz. They are a design studio based in Pristina, Kosovo specializing in visual identities, brand, packaging, and motion.

Web Design for Synthesized, a DataOps Platform

The fine folks from Tubik Studio have shared a web design project for Synthesized, a DataOps Platform. Synthesized promotes collaboration between sensitive data for growth and innovation.

Brutalist Hong Kong Posters

I stumbled across this series of 'brutalist-inspired' posters of Hong Kong and thought it would be a great fit for a feature on abdz. With the shades of blue, red, white, and lots of textures.

Brand Identity for Leaf Coffee Roasters

I have been digging into some 'branding' projects during the summer. It's such a change in the pace rather than focusing on crafting core experiences. It definitely brings your creativity through fulfilling the client's needs.

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