A web designer has to be able to design and code a page, that for me is extremely important because it’s the only way the professional will be able to create something that works not only in the visual sense through aesthetics, but also through functionality. Knowing how to code, what tags to use, and the best way to use it is a must for anybody who wants to become a successful web designer.

However, there will always be the part of the job you like the most, some people like the coding part, or just the CSS, while some like the designing more than the coding. I have to say I really like the CSS part. There are services that do the slicing and coding for you, but I had never tested one until now.

For me the best way to review a product or service is testing it and see how it works. That’s a good way to see if it is suitable to your needs and is worth to invest the money or the time to use it. So I was invited by PSD to HTML by to test their services.

PSD to HTML by provides fast, high quality conversion of graphic Web design into Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and its extensions. We accept source files in all common formats, including PSD, PNG, AI, and even HTML (existing markup). We support the following markup specifications: W3C Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict, W3C Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional, W3C Valid HTML 4.01.

I really liked the idea, and for the review I created a design using Fireworks for a personal portfolio with pretty much everything necessary to have an online portfolio. I decided to make the site only one page and the menu would link me to a certain part of that page. Also, the portfolio would be a carousel with the thumbs.

Site design

So how did it work?


The whole process is very straight forward, after I finished the design I zipped everything with the non-standard fonts I used and wrote a paragraph explaining how I needed the single page site, carousel portfolio. You have a great variety of options such as layout fix or flexible, Horizontal Alignment, Header/Footer Stretch, Vertical Alignment. Also there are the Advanced Markup Options where you can choose from browsers compatibilities, to resizable font size. There are really useful options and you can get your site up and running pretty easily even if you want to use a CMS or Blog system. They work with all the major systems, of course there will be a price for that.

The Communication

Everything worked really fine, they gave me a link where I could keep updated with the status of the project. They had a couple of questions about the typefaces and some layout functionalities. But the communication was very efficient.

The First result

I have to say, I was slower than their services. That’s because I’m traveling so I was not able to answer their questions. Even though, they sent me a fully functional site in less than 36h. Also they informed me that they had tested the site in Safari 2 and the JS Reflection effect wasn’t work so they would fix that issue.

Final Result.

As a designer who always wanted to code his pages I have to say, PSD to HTML by is an excellent service. It really allows a designer to focus on the design part only and leave the code to them. But if you want to touch the code, like me, you will feel very comfortable with the code.


Even though you might prefer to code your pages, PSD to HTML by is a nice service when you have many projects to work on and you want to maintain quality, or if you want to focus more on the design and not so much on the code. I highly recommend you test this service.

Also I'm writing a tutorial showing how I created the design. Stay tunned.

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