RAMS: A Documentary about Dieter Rams


Today we are delightful to share this Kickstarter project that every single designer should be aware about. This project is about a documentary filmmaker named Gary Hustwit (Helvetica, Objectified and Urbanized) making a movie about Dieter Rams. The industrial designer that revolutionizes the approach and belief of  Less is Better. You will definitely recognize his work on designing consumer products for Braun and the Functionalist school of industrial design. The main focus on this documentary is about showcasing his mark on the field of design but also the idea of passing down his knowledge to future generations of designers through this film.

Join me in making the world’s first feature documentary on legendary designer Dieter Rams, and in helping preserve his design archive.

The documentary will include in-depth conversations with Dieter, and detail the process behind some of his most iconic designs. We want to get past the legend of Dieter, and get into his philosophy, process, inspirations, and even his regrets.

About Gary Hustwit

Gary is a director of the documentaries: Helvetica, Objectified and Urbanized. He had the pleasure of having conversations with some of the most creative designers in the World. Really lucky for him!

He has also long been an advocate for the ideas of environmental consciousness, sustainability, and long-lasting products. "There are too many unnecessary products in this world." We hope to dig deeper into Dieter’s untold story––to try and understand a man of contradictions by design.

I want to let Dieter tell his own story, but I'll also be interviewing other people to give that story more context and plan to announce the list of the other interview subjects later this year.

Check out their Kickstarter Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1019019367/rams-the-first-feature-documentary-about-dieter-ra.

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